[Fanvid] Empress Ki’s Man: Ta Hwan

A fanvid dedicated to Ji Chang Wook’s wonderful and moving portrayal of Ta Hwan in Empress Ki. If you’ve seen Empress Ki, you would argue “Hey! This isn’t what happened in the show!!”. I guess you could say this is my take on what IDEALLY should have happened to Ta Hwan. Tee hee.


Edited by Gabby (daegorr).

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4 thoughts on “[Fanvid] Empress Ki’s Man: Ta Hwan

  1. this is the best fanvid about tahwan.. music and everything in the video are.. perfect..
    thx uu for making this video,,
    can u make another fanfid about tahwan as a father or a lover? *forge it, i am just being greedy, hehe*

  2. Great video and daebak performance of uri puppy. I do love Paeha all the way. I do not understand why some people hates Paeha.

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