Happy Birthday Ji Chang Wook!

Happy Birthday JCW2

Welcome to Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen!  Your two authors decided to put together a website in which we extol the virtues and superlatives attached to a certain South Korean actor/model/musical star named Ji Chang Wook.  We both are huge fans of Changwook and tossed around several ideas about putting together a fan blog for him where we did not have to be limited in keeping to a pre-determined format.  We hope that by providing English translations to various news reports, magazine interviews, and other miscellaneous items, this site will help to spread the word about Ji Chang Wook internationally in other countries outside of Asia.

Why is it named “Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen”?  Anyone familiar with the actor knows that he loves to eat.  Anywhere, anytime… on the filming set, on the road, at photoshoots, etc.  No bowl of rice nor piece of grilled chicken is safe from his hungry clutches, and we have the evidence to prove it… amongst other goodies we’ve been working hard on over the past few months.  All of these mouth-watering tidbits you will find inside “The Kitchen,”  and we hope you enjoy your visits.  The menu changes often, so if there is a dish or other item you want to be included in future posts, leave us a note in the comments.

And another reason we decided to launch this site on a most auspicious day — on 5 July 2014 we are celebrating his 27th (28th Korean) birthday. Because we both could not be there in person this year, the video below is The Kitchen’s gift to The Birthday Boy accordingly.  Enjoy and bon appetit!

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ji Chang Wook!

  1. Hi Admins!
    First of all, I would like to thank you for putting your love and energies on this site. You’re really like angels and heroes for letting us have the easiest, effective, and updated news about Ji Chang Wook. I truly appreciate your effort, and everything about this site. This is so cool and perfectly created for all his International fans, who have always been wanting to taste his recipes 😉
    I am not a K-drama addict nor a K-actor fan once in my life. My learning with JCW was purely accidental when I happened to sleep late in the evening during the end of our school year, and had the chance to watch the last episodes of “Empress Ki” dubbed in our language. I was amazed by the characters and settings of the story, and my niece told me that it wasn’t a boring historical K-drama. So I gave it a try and watch Empress KI from the first episode to end via online stream. And there, I found JCW, astoundingly great on his performance as an actor, and FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM hahaha. I was able to finish watching all his dramas and movies in less than a month, searching articles about him, playing all his songs, and have done watching his You Tube videos. Until I figured out that I can no longer live a day without a glimpse of Ji Chang Wook, and eat daily of what’s in there in the favourite kitchen. Again, my warmest thank you for creating this site. It was specially been bookmarked and a daily habit connected to our one and only dearly JCW!

    Tayni from Manila, Philippines

  2. Ji Chang Wook ..hah.. what can I say , he has all the talent ,good looks …not to mention those veteran actors from korea …but JCW is rising up high … I become a big loyal fan..

  3. Girls! I love you so much for making this site!

    Honestly, I’m a new fan of Ji Chang Wook. Not actually ‘that’ new though. I’ve followed him since Smile Donghae. But that time, he didn’t have an impact to me. My heart’s reaction was simply nothing. Like slices of beef cubes in a casserole on a no-fire stove. He had no impact on me. In Warrior Baek Dong Su, I started to appreciate/like him ’cause I love sageuks. Although I felt like there’s something missing in his acting, his skills were enough to make the fire in me ignite. And in Empress Ki, my ‘like’ finally turned to ‘love’. The fire in me burned brighter and even hotter than before. He was just so amazing. He improved a lot and he captured my heart in the very first scene he appeared. I can actually say, with that drama, my interest for him boiled. Right after finishing the last episode, I browsed and searched for all sorts of things related to him. Looking for Changwook-related articles was harder than looking for news about KPOP stars and I somehow came to the point where I thought I should just give up and quietly cheer him on on the comfort of my couch. Then I found you, gals! YOU’RE ANGELS!! REALLY REALLY!! Now, all I have to do is keep on visiting here ,Jichangwookkitchen, for everything! It’s really convenient!

    So what I really wanna say is, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR EXISTING!! You saved me from cooling down!

    Bcause of you two, I’m still cooking! And I will continue on boiling! My love for this guy will never cool down and I won’t stop supporting him in my own little ways.

    Thank you so so so so much!!

    Christine from Philippines

  4. i love his laugh so lively.thanks for creating this JiChangWook kitchen.Thanks for your hardwork and fighting!!!

  5. I’m very much delighted that you girls set up such an English fan website for Ji Chang Wook oppa. It brings us much convenience to know what has happened to oppa recently at short notice. I certainly know how many efforts and how much time the task that you offer to shoulder will take in translation and editing. Thank you very much! 너무 고마워요! 오빠, 힘내, 화이팅!

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