[Drama Recap] “Secret Love” – “Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel?”


Airing 11 July 2014 on the DRAMAcube Cable Network as part of the five-episode omnibus series “Secret Love,” each starring a member of the K-Pop group KARA.

Episode 5 – starring Ji Chang Wook, Park Gyuri and Lee Dong Ha.

[NOTE: This post contains tons of spoilers.  If you plan on watching this show, then I suggest you back away slowly from this recap.  You’ll thank us later. Also note that this recap is based on the Dramafever version and not the edited version broadcast on Dramacube.]

We meet student Park Sun Woo (KARA’s Park Gyuri) during her first year at Hangguk University confessing her love to her sunbae Kim Woo Bin (musical actor Lee Dong Ha).  After her advance was rejected, Sun Woo repeats the process, with each request becoming more intense as all four years of their schooling go by.


Some time later, Sun Woo is in a cooking class where the teacher is explaining how to put together a cute doshirak (lunch box) for their loved ones (i.e., boyfriends), and Sun Woo is more than happy to finish hers with a smile and a handwritten note for her Woo Bin… when suddenly Sun Woo gets a text from her co-worker saying that Woo Bin has suddenly been transferred to Jeju Island, and she rushes to her supervisors to beg for her own transfer to Jeju-do.

Sun Woo arrives at Jeju Airport in the middle of a rainstorm, and as she runs to grab a taxi, her suitcase opens at the curb and the contents spill out.  Needless to say, her taxi gets usurped by another passenger, and Sun Woo is then horrified to see that “her” suitcase is actually a man’s containing all kinds of shirts, ties… and underwear.


When Sun Woo finally arrives at the Jeju resort, she’s dripping wet and trying to explain to her supervisor why she was late.  Of course, Supervisor Lady is not too thrilled and gives Sun Woo the usual speech about being a punctual employee, why didn’t she start her moving preparations earlier, yada yada yada.

But mostly Supervisor Lady is put out because she had to take up the slack in Sun Woo’s absence.  Ordering Sun Woo to beg, borrow or steal some clothing and get to work, Sun Woo does exactly that, finding a cleaning lady’s shirt and slacks conveniently hanging nearby for her to use… while Supervisor Lady almost trips and falls on her way out.  Hmmm, is that Sun Woo’s invisible Guardian Angel at work?


Joining her co-workers, Sun Woo is delighted to see her Woo Bin and yells out to him while the other women in the office look on with stunned faces.  Woo Bin is even more stunned to see his nemesis standing in front of him dressed as a cleaning lady.  Sun Woo scolds Woo Bin for getting transferred to Jeju without him telling her, as Woo Bin still cannot believe she has followed him all the way to Jeju!  Supervisor Lady determines enough chit-chat has transpired between the two, and shoves a huge stack of brochures at Sun Woo and orders her to make a copy for everyone in the office.  It finally dawns on Woo Bin that Sun Woo is the new employee they’ve been eagerly expecting.  Sun Woo answers that by sneezing loudly while dropping a good chunk of the paperwork in her arms.


As we see Sun Woo trudging in the rain up the street to her new apartment, she trips and falls along the curb while flashing back earlier when Woo Bin pulled her aside and ripped her a new one for coming to Jeju to continue making his life a living hell.  Sun Woo tries to make amends by stating the obvious – since Woo Bin knows no one on Jeju Island, she offers to cook and clean for him.  Woo Bin rejects that offer, saying he’d rather not know anyone while staying on Jeju… including her.

Back in the present, Sun Woo starts crying while cursing out Woo Bin for being so rotten, but picks herself up off the ground and continues up the steps to her new apartment…

… which looks nothing like the pictures she was sent by the rental agency.  Cursing her bad luck again, Sun Woo cleans up enough to where she can finally sleep on a stack of cardboard left over by the previous tenant.  As Sun Woo drifts off to sleep, she prays that Woo Bin can finally see her in a new light, because she wants a love that she will never forget until death.

The rain continues pounding her apartment, as Sun Woo tosses and turns in fitful sleep.  The events of the day roll around in her brain, as suddenly she thrusts her fist into the air.


All of a sudden, bright lights flood her apartment and the premises start shaking like the island is having an earthquake.

The doors fly open and a man flies in, bouncing off the walls until he comes to a full stop on the floor.  Sun Woo is still trying to figure out what is going on, as we see this creature crouching behind a bookcase, obviously naked as a jaybird.

(EEEEK!  Innocent young-things, please close your eyes!!!) *Cue sexy music*


Ji Chang Wook IS The Terminator!!!

As this person stands up (all the while showing off his perfectly toned body), Sun Woo stares at him from head to toe… and then realizing he has no clothes on, starts screaming at the top of her lungs.


Is she screaming out of fear or out of excitement?  Her expression tells me it’s the latter.  Admit it girl, you like what you see, AM I RIGHT?

The Guy (Ji Chang Wook) attempts to keep Sun Woo from screaming her lungs out, but she returns the favor with a right-hand punch to his face.


Now why isn’t this show called “Have You Ever Boxed An Angel?”

Resuming at the local police station, The Guy attempts to explain the situation to the officer taking down the report.  The officer just wants to know why he showed up at Sun Woo’s house buck naked, as The Guy explains that the two of them have a ‘special relationship’ and they cannot be separated.

Sun Woo protests, saying she’s never seen The Guy before in her life, but The Guy starts rattling off details of Sun Woo’s life that no one would know other than herself.  Sun Woo is amazed that The Guy knows all about her, but that could only mean one thing…The Guy must be a stalker!


The police officer looks at The Guy with a raised eyebrow, as The Guy begs Sun Woo to not act that way in front of the busy department and cause more trouble.  The light bulb finally goes off over the officer’s head, and he asks for The Guy’s name so he can verify his identity.

The Guy leans over and states his name as Cheon Sa Nam (loosely translates to “Male Angel”).  As the officer plugs that information into his computer, Sa Nam gives him a hearty wink (with sparkly effects and twinkly music), and The Guy’s identity is verified!


The officer admonishes Sun Woo for bringing a “lover’s quarrel” into a police station and dismisses the two of them, until Sun Woo stands up to protest and is met with a wink from Sa Nam, virtually shutting her up by giving her a case of laryngitis.  Sa Nam apologises profusely to the office and drags Sun Woo out of the precinct, all the while she is still trying to talk.

Outside the station, Sa Nam stands nonchalantly (while showing off that perfect PPL clothing from AD HOC), and decides a black eye isn’t a good fashion statement.  Putting his hand over the injury, his face suddenly turns back to normal.

Sun Woo attempts to sneak out of the building unseen by Sa Nam, as Sa Nam mutters to himself that Sun Woo is more trouble than he initially thought.


Returning home, Sun Woo runs to her patio doors to ensure they are locked, but then turns around to see Sa Nam standing behind her and she shrieks, begging for mercy from her visitor.  Sa Nam reminds her that he hasn’t been brought back to Earth to save her or kill her, although he really wants to shut her up somehow.

Sa Nam gets down the the heart of the matter, which is Sun Woo’s fervent wish to end up with some guy named Kim Woo Bin.  Sa Nam wonders why Sun Woo would waste a perfectly good wish on something like that, when he can most definitely ensure that Sun Woo could win the lottery instead.

Sun Woo asks who the heck Sa Nam really is, when he crouches down and explains that he’s an angel.  Angel No. 2013, in fact.  Sun Woo thinks she’s finally gone whacko and staggers away from Sa Nam, as Sa Nam unfurls his Angel Wings for positive proof that he’s an angel, all the while crabbing that humans always need some sort of visual proof before accepting the facts.


Are you satisfied NOW, Puny Human?!?

Holy moly! That vision is too much for Sun Woo and she faints dead away.


The day after, Sa Nam and Sun Woo venture out for a walk, all the while Sun Woo still wanting concrete proof that Sa Nam is truly an angel.  Sa Nam explains to her for the twentieth time that if a human holds a clenched fist in the air during a fervent wish, that’s when an angel comes down to help grant that wish.

And to add insult to injury, Sa Nam reminds Sun Woo that she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer either, pulling out the example where she forged her parents’ signature on a low-scoring test paper.  Sun Woo still is not convinced Sa Nam is truly an angel, since she could have been hallucinating when he whipped out his wings the night before.  Or is he a magician?  Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Sa Nam has had enough of her doubts and walks into traffic (such as it is on Jeju-do) as a car speeds towards him.  Sure enough, the car runs right through him with no damage to him at all.  Sun Woo is stunned and runs over, pawing him up and down to check if he’s hurt.


Sa Nam states that just as long as he does not tell a lie while standing on Earth, there’s nothing that could harm him.  He will not shed a drop of blood if injured.  So hopefully this last example finally shows Sun Woo that he is truly an angel, because if not… he is really going to kill her.  (Well, I can totally understand why she doubts you’re an angel since your behaviour is far from angelic.  That’s one hell of an angel.)

Returning to Sun Woo’s workplace, she asks that if angels can grant wishes and stuff, why can’t Sa Nam just make Woo Bin fall in love with her?  Sa Nam explains it’s not as cut-and-dried as that; the only thing he can help her with is make Woo Bin see her for the woman she is.  There are rules Sa Nam has to follow such as not messing with a human’s emotions, darnit!

That still does not deter Sun Woo from asking if Sa Nam could change her into the most beautiful woman in the world, since her Woo Bin likes really pretty girls.  Sa Nam sniffs and reminds Sun Woo that he can’t lie, remember?  (*snort*)  Sun Woo then asks if he can arrange for her and Woo Bin to be stranded on a deserted island together so that the only girl he sees is herself?


Sa Nam says NO WAY, since he cannot put a human in mortal danger like that.  What if Woo Bin goes crazy and decided to drown himself or something worse?  Sa Nam would be sent to Hell, so no way he’s going to help with that.  He really hates HELL!

Sun Woo then demands what Sa Nam will do now, as he says he’s going to transform her into a woman that Woo Bin will take notice over… starting with her wardrobe.  Sa Nam states that women in loose clothing are not as attractive as those in more form-fitting duds, so with a wink and a finger-snap, Sun Woo is suddenly dressed more stylishly and she totally approves of the new clothing.


Finally convinced that Sa Nam is truly an angel, she snaps back to reality and is appalled to ask if Sa Nam viewed her naked body as he dressed her in the new clothing.  Sa Nam thinks twice about answering and just walks away with a smirk on his face.

Meanwhile, back at the travel agency, Sa Nam has presented himself as the other new employee at the firm.  The other female workers hover close to him and are falling all over themselves to make him comfortable.  Sun Woo complains that she had to fall to her knees to get her job, while Angel Boy just waltzes in and gets his in a snap?  (No pun intended, I’m sure.)

But while everyone is distracted fawning over Sa Nam, Sun Woo takes the opportunity to sneak over to Woo Bin and drop off a doshirak for his lunch today.  Woo Bin brushes her off by saying he already made lunch plans and she should just take it away.  Sun Woo is still dense enough to reiterate that she wants him to eat healthy every day since he’s living on his own.


Woo Bin has had enough and tells Sun Woo she is being rather childish, because he’s not that much of a simple man to eat a simple meal like the one she’s prepared.  Sun Woo slowly takes that in… and Sa Nam just looks pained.

The Agency Boss comes in to tell Woo Bin that a Chinese tour already out on the island needs some supervision and that Woo Bin should take care of it.  Sa Nam seizes this opportunity to tag along, and invites Sun Woo as the other newbie at the agency as well.

They take off in Woo Bin’s car, with Sun Woo riding shotgun and Sa Nam in the back seat.  He motions to Sun Woo to engage Woo Bin in some conversation, but she has a better idea and offers Woo Bin a cold drink.  Of course, the can is all shaken up from the ride and the cola explodes onto Woo Bin’s front… and eyes!


As Woo Bin attempts to drive blinded by the fizzy sugar water, Sa Nam guides the car to a safe stop, as Sun Woo attempts to clean the cola off of Woo Bin’s clothing.  Woo Bin gives up and orders them both back into the car, but Sa Nam winks the auto into not starting again.  Wondering if cola got into the ignition (*snerk*), Woo Bin tries calling for a tow truck, but Sa Nam winks his phone into not working as well.

Sun Woo states she doesn’t have a new phone yet, and Sa Nam also claims he left his phone at the agency. On the pretext of giving the two mortals some private time alone, Sa Nam volunteers to get help instead of just waiting around.  Sun Woo suddenly shouts that she’ll go get instead since it was all her doing that got them in that position anyway.

Sa Nam tries to get her to stay, but she runs off towards the next town like her hair’s on fire.  Sa Nam sighs to himself and prays to the heavens that he will eventually be able to return home, even after all he’s going through for that dense woman.


Run like the wind, Sun Woo!

Returning home, Sun Woo looks worse for wear, with Sa Nam trailing right behind her, berating her for losing out on a great chance to be alone with Woo Bin. Sun Woo tells him to give it a rest since she’s exhausted.  Sa Nam continues to be amazed that she’s such a numbskull, but then turns his attention to the mess that is her new apartment and orders Sun Woo to clean up the place so he can get some sleep.  (Wait, as her Guardian Angel, can’t you help out with a wink or finger-snap to tidy up the house for her?  Typical male… no matter how angelic he may look.  *hmpf*)

Sun Woo protests that she’s not letting him stay in the same room with her since it’s too scary, but Sa Nam reminds her that there’s no way an angel like him would EVER be interested in such a dummy like her.  And with another snap of his fingers, a bed fit for an angel suddenly appears in the middle of the room.

As Sa Nam gets ready to clean up for bed, Sun Woo runs after him but trips over her own feet and falls into the bookcase along one wall of the apartment.  It starts falling over but Sa Nam snaps it into stopping mid-air, while Sun Woo crouches underneath.  This gives Sa Nam ample opportunity to correct some of Sun Woo’s more blatant shortcomings, reminding her that there’s no way she could ever trick him since he’s older than dirt.  He was there when the Big Bang occurred, remember?


Sa Nam goes on to say there is no way they could ever be compatible, so she needs to start obeying his every word, starting with her speech patterns.  Sun Woo finally gets the hint and politely asks Sa Nam to help her get away from the falling bookcase.  He extends his hand, and pulls her out just as the bookcase crashes to the floor.

Sun Woo ends up grasping onto Sa Nam as the dust settles from the bookcase, and after one of those ‘stare into each other’s eyes moments,’ he pushes her away and re-orders her to start cleaning up the apartment lest his purity gets contaminated by all the dirt in the house (bwahahahaha!). With each snap of a finger, Sa Nam conjours cleaning supplies into her hands while he lounges comfortably on the bed.

With her cleaning expedition finally at an end, Sun Woo pushes a mattress up against the bookcase dividing Sa Nam’s bed and collapses in a sweaty heap.  Sa Nam channels his inner Martha Stewart and is still bitching about all the dust still covering the apartment.  Sun Woo doesn’t give a care, and falls asleep snoring in her fancy Sa Nam-appointed outfit.

Sa Nam continues to mutter that Sun Woo and he are SO not compatible with each other, and decides to wander outside onto the porch to stare at the Jeju-do skyline.  He looks up to the sky with a pained expression and sprouts his wings again.  But in attempting to take off, his wings suddenly disappear, leaving Sa Nam to ask the heavens if his overlords are being a bit too harsh on him.  By the time Sun Woo finally gets her wish granted, he’ll be stuck on Earth until she’s dead!


Sa Nam realizes this may all be a conspiracy by Angel No. 2001 to keep him down on Earth because both of them are in line to be the next Chief of Angels, and Sa Nam takes offense with that revelation.  For all his complaining, though, Sa Nam gets put back in his place by a few bolts of lightning from the heavens that come perilously close to hitting his manly visage.  Ha!  Talk about divine retribution.  Suitably shrinking from view, he slinks back into compliance.

The next day, Sa Nam and Sun Woo arrive at the agency just as Woo Bin is entering the elevators.  Woo Bin gives them both the side-eye and asks if they live in the same neighborhood.  Sun Woo says no, while Sa Nam says yes (remember, as an angel, he can’t lie).  Sa Nam goes on to explain that he and Sun Woo are living together instead.  That raises one of Woo Bin’s eyebrows, but Sa Nam further explains that he’s merely renting a room in Sun Woo’s house, making them neighbors… and hopefully Woo Bin won’t read anything dirty into that statement.  (Woo Bin’s all like “Read what?”)

All three get onto the elevator, but Sa Nam remembers he forgot the coffee and allows Sun Woo and Woo Bin to ride up without him.  You could cut the tension with a knife, as Sun Woo asks Woo Bin if he was able to return home safely after the whole car breakdown kerfuffle the day prior.  Instead, Woo Bin wants to know more about Sun Woo’s living arrangements with Sa Nam.  Sun Woo explains that it just ended up like that, but Woo Bin tells her he’s not too thrilled to hear having a guy living so close to Sun Woo.  And did she ever think about her parents if they heard that news?  Sun Woo steps back and asks if Woo Bin is actually concerned for her well-being, but before he could answer, we get another Snap Up from Sa Nam, which causes the elevator to stop dead in its tracks between floors.


Another snap from Sa Nam tilts the elevator again and throws Sun Woo and Woo Bin into each other’s arms for safety, but this time Woo Bin doesn’t recoil in horror.  A crowd gathers outside watching the maintenance men attempt to open the doors, as Sa Nam stands back commenting that something has to happen between those two by now — he’s a human male after all.

One last snap from Sa Nam, and the doors suddenly open for everyone to see Woo Bin standing on Sun Woo’s back, trying to escape through the elevator’s ceiling.  Sa Nam can only shake his head in disgust.  But that doesn’t keep Sa Nam from yelling at Sun Woo over why she would do something so stupid — why not reverse the roles in the elevator, huh?  Why didn’t she play the Damsel in Distress Card and faint in his arms, huh?  And what kind of a man is Woo Bin to stand on a lady’s back, huh?  Anyway, Sa Nam is totally fed up and since she’s going nowhere with his Angel Help, tells Sun Woo to retract her wish once and for all.

Sun Woo explains that Woo Bin hurt his back playing foot in university, so she was just being a good little soldier by helping him out… all the while trying to put pain patches on her back.  Apparently, Sa Nam has never seen such an item before and his curiosity is peaked.  Peaked enough to where he investigates how sticky and smelly the patches are, and ends up getting one stuck on his face.  (Ah, I see a PPL here.)  Hilarity ensues as the Supervisor Lady wanders by to hear the tail end of their conversation with a stunned look on her face.


The employees return to the office to overhear that there’s a mix-up on a tour they arranged for the president of a Chinese tour company that Yisop Tours partners with.  Apparently with Woo Bin’s phone off all day yesterday, and the President’s e-mail landing in Woo Bin’s spam folder, he was unaware that the President’s flight was arriving sooner.  Like NOW, since he’s waiting at the airport for his ride to Yisop!  Woo Bin starts panicking while making a call (since another snap from Sa Nam rendered all the landlines useless), and the Supervisor looks close to collapsing when another employee rushes in to tell him all the cars in their parking lot have flat tires.  AIGOO.

Meanwhile, Sun Woo is entertaining some grannies on a tour bus returning to the airport (and dancing to the trot song “Ddaeng Bul”), when the music stops. Sa Nam’s voice comes over the loudspeaker instead, telling her to go find the President, his wife and their six-year-old daughter ASAP, or Woo Bin will lose his job over this snafu.


The tour bus arrives at the airport, and with a hearty “FIGHTING” from the ahjummas, Sun Woo runs into the terminal.  Not seeing the family right off the bat, at the top of her lungs, she yells out “MISTER KANG YU WEI!!!”  And yells it again, as the airport patrons point and stare.  Sun Woo attempts yelling a third time, but fortunately Mister Kang Yu Wei (and his family) are standing right next to her complaining that they’re late in picking them up and his daughter is famished.

Back at the office, Woo Bin paces nervously while Sa Nam hangs back and basically rubs salt, peroxide and hot sauce into the open wound by translating from Chinese all that went wrong with President Wei’s arrival (because angels can speak any language, remember?).

As Sa Nam continues detailing Woo Bin’s screw-up, Sun Woo arrives with a tray containing a bowl of congee and the doshirak she was planning on giving Woo Bin for his lunch… but thinks it would be best served to President Wei’s daughter instead.  Thrusting the tray into Woo Bin’s hands, she pushes him to enter the conference room where the family is seated.


Woo Bin serves the lunch to President Wei’s daughter, she’s all happy and stuff, and it looks like Woo Bin saved the day.  Everyone looks relieved, and Sa Nam actually praises Sun Woo for putting something together that didn’t require his angel help.  But as he walks away, Sun Woo raises her fist to hit him… as Sa Nam reminds her he also has eyes in the back of his head.  *hee*

Later that night, Sa Nam is lounging on his bed watching a Rainbow music video on television, wondering how humans could act like that (but me thinks he doth protesteth too much since he’s truly enjoying himself).  Sun Woo changes into what she thinks is a nice dress, but Sa Nam tells her that her outfit was rather trendy – during the Korean War, that is.


Another snap and twinkly music is called for, and Sun Woo magically changes into a more sophisticated outfit and accessories.  Sun Woo finally thanks Sa Nam for all the help he’s given her so far and rushes out of the door to her date with Woo Bin.  Sa Nam turns his gaze back to the dancing girls on the television, when Sun Woo rushes back inside to let Sa Nam know she made a doshirak especially for him.  Sa Nam looks a little embarrassed, but then a slight grin spreads across his face.  Does this mean…. ?  (Or maybe it’s just Ji Chang Wook smiling at food as usual, keke.)


LOL this boy and his never-satiated appetite!

At dinner, Sun Woo is nervous beyond belief, as Woo Bin tells her to chill out and enjoy her dinner.  Woo Bin also praises Sun Woo’s cooking skills, as President Wei’s wife was very complimentary about the congee she cooked up for their daughter.  Sun Woo explains to Woo Bin that she studied up on all types of Chinese cuisine since she knew how much Woo Bin enjoys it.  Even Woo Bin’s ex-girlfriend would complain that all their dates consisted of jjajangmyun (black noodles) eaten at Chinese restaurants.  (Wait… wut?)

Woo Bin explains that his father’s business was failing at that time, and his ex-girlfriend could not comprehend his family’s dire living situation at that time.  Sun Woo apologizes for not knowing anything about Woo Bin’s family troubles, but Woo Bin just sweeps it under the rug and reminds Sun Woo to not expect him to fall at her feet.  He has to prove himself at the travel agency first, and does not want Sun Woo to distract him in any way possible.  And he apologizes yet again.

Later, Sun Woo is mulling over Woo Bin’s conversation while Sa Nam paces back and forth wondering what an idiot that boy is for playing impossible to get!  Sun Woo claims to understand Woo Bin’s unwillingness to start a relationship given his family situation.  Sa Nam still cannot fathom this new headache, and calls Woo Bin a “bottom feeder” for what he said to Sun Woo.


Sun Woo wants to change her wish so that Sa Nam can just leave her the heck alone, but Sa Nam has other plans in store.  If Sun Woo cannot beat Woo Bin at his own game, then she must join another game and fully immerse herself in her work at the travel agency.

So how is Sun Woo to pull that off?  By visualizing turning herself into a piece of Lichetenstein pop art and thoroughly professionalizing herself in front of Woo Bin.  But even that doesn’t sit well with Sun Woo – fortunately, Sa Nam thinks of something else that Sun Woo must attempt.  A contest is posted by their company to create a unique itinerary for their Jeju tours, but Sun Woo balks at the idea, saying it’s out of the scope of her travel knowledge.  Sa Nam tells her that all her negativity isn’t something an angel can rely upon — he has something up his Angel Sleeve instead.


The two of them go off hiking through the hills of Jeju scouting out locations for their project, with Sa Nam taking the lead and Sun Woo trailing far behind and complaining more with each step they take.  Sa Nam takes offense, saying that if he could appease every human who complained, he would be the G-O-D in the sky.  So Sun Woo should just shut up and keep up!

Sun Woo continues her complaints until they both reach the top of a ridge, and there laid out in front of them is the one of the several Oreum scattered around Jeju-do.  (An ‘oreum’ is a unique ring of trees formed by a volcanic cone that forced its way up to the surface of the island while it was forming).

We then get treated to a little travel montage extolling the nature sites on Jeju, such as the Shinan/Jeju Wind Farm, Sun Woo and Sa Nam splashing around in one of the Cheonjeyeon Falls streams, and finally resting at the top of Hallasan to watch the sun rise.  (Which means a single woman and a single… erm, angel have been out all night, but we’ll let that little fact slide for now.)


Sun Woo asks if Sa Nam has been watching over her since she was born, and Sa Nam says he has… but it hasn’t been fun at all since SHE hasn’t had any fun growing up.  Sun Woo thought angels were cute little babies (um, those would be “cherubs,” dear), but Sa Nam says angels only assume such an apparition to not scare anyone.

Sun Woo asks why Sa Nam did not show up that time in the emergency room when her parents died, since her fervent wish at that time was to take her parents’ place and die instead.  That sets Sa Nam off a step, as he tells her that her time to die is still far off.  Sa Nam still does not understand why humans cannot take control of their own destiny, but he tells Sun Woo that her parents told him back then not to listen to her prayers to swap situations, and to take them instead.

Sun Woo lets that sink in for a few seconds, and then tears spring to her eyes at the same time the sun rises over the outboard rocks.  Pulling her to his side, Sa Nam says that there’s always a reason his boss does what he does.  So even though she’s dumb and beautiful, just don’t question him anymore, okay?

Sa Nam looks over at the pensive Sun Woo, and ever-so-slowly starts moving his face towards hers… until Sun Woo snaps out of her dream and Sa Nam abruptly lets go of her arm.  OMO OMO OMO.  *swoon*


They return home, where Sun Woo falls fast asleep and Sa Nam keeps watch over her, reciting all the times he helped her out when she was a child.  But what are these feelings Sa Nam keeps having when he’s in Sun Woo’s presence, ne?  Even he cannot figure them out…

Later on, Sun Woo looks over the presentation that she will turn in for the contest, when she sees Woo Bin on the balcony reading his own presentation and is not happy  with it.  Asking if she is going to submit something, Sun Woo hands him her presentation and Woo Bin is stunned silent over something so professional.  Seeing how enthused he is over her work product, Sun Woo asks if Woo Bin would like to take her presentation — if it would help him get ahead at the company, then she is more than happy to give it up.

Woo Bin thinks about it a leeeetle bit too long before telling Sun Woo that he needs to put together a presentation on his own, but thanks anyway.  While Woo Bin attempts to give back her presentation, Sa Nam saunters in on that little scene and berates Sun Woo for handing over THEIR presentation like a piece of candy.  Getting all mad in the face over hearing Sun Woo’s declaration that her helping Woo Bin was all part of her wish, Woo Bin hands over the presentation to Sa Nam and tells him to take it.

Sa Nam is still all pissy when Woo Bin catches a clue and asks him if he is acting this way because he has some feelings for Sun Woo.  Sa Nam hesitates a bit before saying that he absolutely does not.  He’s only upset seeing humans using their emotions against one another, so if Sun Woo was going to give away all their hard work, she could have at least told Sa Nam first.


Woo Bin hands back the presentation again and apologizes on Sun Woo’s behalf, since if it was not for him, Sun Woo would not have made that kind of a mistake.  Sa Nam brushes the presentation away with his hand, sustaining a cut in the process.  Bleeding profusely, Sa Nam walks away and tries to heal himself but to no avail.

Sun Woo wanders over and tells Sa Nam that the Department Head is looking for someone to help organize the storage closet since he’s too busy to oversee it.  Sa Nam should be able to do that with no problem, right?  And he does, but gets tired from lifting just a few boxes.  Sun Woo calls him out on his “act,” saying that since angels do not lie, moving a few boxes should be no problem for him.  Sa Nam curtly dismisses her, which gives her pause to explain her actions in giving Woo Bin their proposal to make him look good.

Sa Nam pfffffts that excuse by saying she would give Woo Bin her kidney if he said he needed one.  Sun Woo says that because she gave the presentation to him does not mean that she has already forgotten the time she and Sa Nam spent together.  Those words make Sa Nam stop dead in his box-moving tracks.

Sun Woo goes on to say that “things are things, and memories are memories.”  She did not give Woo Bin their feelings they had when traveling around Jeju-do together.  Leaving the storage room, Sa Nam wonders if Sun Woo is really a human by pushing him away… and then drawing him back again.  But first and foremost, he is an angel.  *giggles*


At the Two Weeks Cafe in Soesokkak, while waiting for Sun Woo to put together the agency’s coffee order, Sa Nam suns himself on the patio while several ladies take the time to ogle and swoon over His Hotness.  And you know Sa Nam will take full advantage of being eye candy for them, striking various poses while a halo of light surrounds his head.  That just sends the women into paroxysms of swooning and drooling (including yours truly), and annoys Sun Woo to no end.  She picks on him for sitting there and doing nothing while she slaves over the coffee order.

Sa Nam jumps up and crabs that her constant whining is giving him this weird pain in the back of his head.  (It’s called a HEADACHE, you silly angel.)  Sun Woo gives it right back to him, also complaining about his whining over all the things he ordered her to do.  It’s so much that she has a pain in the back of her head too!  DUN DUN DUNNNNN…

The agency personnel sit down for a meeting to discuss Sun Woo’s latest proposal:  Tour packages entitled “Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel?”  Sa Nam looks at Sun Woo like she has horns growing out of the top of her head, as she explains this package is to give their customers a chance to pick their own tour guide.  That way the agency can build a specific itinerary package around their requests.

Sa Nam is still wondering about why Sun Woo picked that name, and she explains that a test run will be done that involves Sa Nam for female customers who fancy pretty boys to sit and have coffee with him at cafes where they can be seen with someone as handsome as Sa Nam.  (Excuse me while I go laugh myself into oblivion here…)


Of course Woo Bin would be the Devil’s Advocate in all this, thinking that Jeju would be their last stop on a vacation.  Wouldn’t their clients rather spend time shopping or at a golf course?  Who in their right mind would really want to go to a coffee shop?

One of Sun Woo’s co-workers raises her hand and says YES SHE WOULD LIKE TO DO THAT VERY THING.  Just to spend a few hours with Sa Nam, sit and chat and drink coffee… well, that would create a TON of memories for her!  (*guffaw*)  But will employees be able to sign up?  Sun Woo says of course, and then the rest of the office ladies at the table all raise their hands wanting to sign up as well.  Sa Nam looks totally uncomfortable at first, but then slowly warms up to the idea that maybe he should shut up and take one for the team, while Woo Bin sits there and does a slow burn over this unexpected turn of events.

The requisite montage of agency workers hustling to fulfill the rush of orders that have come in for their “Coffee Angel Tour” is shown, and we see Sa Nam out doing what he does best — charming the ahjummas big time.  Seeing Sun Woo staring at him with daggers coming out of her eyes, he runs over for the confirmation of his next appointment.  But Sun Woo is more interested to find out why her guardian angel treats strangers better than the human he is supposed to watch over?


Sa Nam notices the funny look on Sun Woo’s face and asks her if she’s suffering from that thing every woman does… wait for it… is she JEALOUS?  Sun Woo sputters while denying she’s jealous and orders Sa Nam to get ready to move to the next location.

The next day, Sun Woo is congratulated by Woo Bin on her promotion from temporary worker to permanent employee.  Woo Bin lays the praise on thick, which catches Sun Woo by surprise.  He wants to officially congratulate her — just the two of them alone — so how about having dinner tonight?  Sa Nam just happens by to view this happy scene but instead orders her to see the Department Head.  Woo Bin walks away with a smug look on his face, leaving Sa Nam standing there wondering why he feels so weird about this whole situation.  Could he possibly be… nah, he couldn’t be… is he… JEALOUS?!?


Later that night down at the harbor, Sun Woo tries to shoo away Sa Nam, who has unceremoniously invited himself to their dinner.  Sa Nam says that tonight of all nights, he must be there as her Guardian Angel.  Sun Woo extracts a promise out of Sa Nam that he must leave at the last opportunity.  Sa Nam reminds her that she should be ready for that “decisive moment..”

They stroll down the pier which is strewn with rose petals and candles, as if anticipating a special event.  Woo Bin looks up and is none too pleased to see Sa Nam escorting Sun Woo to their dinner table.  Sun Woo says that Sa Nam will be leaving shortly, while hissing at him to leave NOW.


Woo Bin wonders exactly what their relationship is, since they planned and executed the Angel Tour together, and now there they are both sitting in front of him.  Are they both really only neighbors?  Sun Woo says there’s nothing to read into that, but Sa Nam says he’s no ordinary housemate — he’s an angel.  A GUARDIAN ANGEL, to be exact.

While Sun Woo gets all flustered, Woo Bin calls Sa Nam out on being childish and orders him to leave the table.  Sa Nam wasn’t planning on sticking around that long, but now that he’s there, he’d better stick around a bit longer.  As her Guardian Angel, of course.  Woo Bin insists that Sa Nam is only there as more than a housemate, but then Sa Nam states that Woo Bin is going to give Sun Woo a ring and ask her to marry him.  But here’s the catch:  Woo Bin also plans on having Sun Woo work for his father’s failing travel agency.  Since she’s done some exceptional planning at Yisop Tours, she can bring her expertise to help his father instead of staying in Jeju-do.  Sa Nam laughs over the way humans can manipulate other humans in such a way that makes them vulnerable in certain situations.

Sun Woo looks like she’s ready to faint while asking Woo Bin for confirmation if that was his plan all along.  Sa Nam stands up and says since this is Sun Woo’s “decisive moment” — and since he promised to leave at that very moment — he’s outta there.  But first, some parting words from her Guardian Angel:  He can’t change the way she feels because he’s only an angel… but Sun Woo should realize now to not get involved with such a jerk.  Sun Woo is way too good for the likes of this weasel.

Sa Nam takes off, and as expected, Woo Bin pulls out a ring box while explaining that he wasn’t going to manipulate Sun Woo’s feelings in the way that Sa Nam described.  But Woo Bin wants her to accept him for the jerkwad he is — can she not do that?


Sa Nam stops halfway to the dock and shouts to the heavens that he couldn’t keep Sun Woo from accepting Woo Bin’s ring or anything, since it’s not like Sa Nam gave her his heart or anything, but… can the man upstairs kinda overlook what happened today?

At that moment, Woo Bin runs up and slugs Sa Nam… and then slugs him to the ground again after Sa Nam says that Woo Bin will regret doing what he just did.  But as Sa Nam straightens up, he accidentally knocks Woo Bin into the water.  Sun Woo runs over and orders Sa Nam to save Woo Bin since he doesn’t know how to swim.  Sa Nam sheepishly tells her that HE does not know how to swim either, but the Rescue Squad will be over soon to save Woo Bin (who is flailing around helplessly).


Sun Woo’s had enough, and pushes Sa Nam into the water and tells him to float over and save Woo Bin, while a crowd forms to watch both men not being able to swim splash around aimlessly.  Sun Woo flashes back to Sa Nam’s statements that nothing could ever hurt him since he’s immortal and stuff… but he still gets cut and cannot save himself from the water?  OTTOKE?!?

Sun Woo suddenly realizes HOLY CRAP it must be true that Sa Nam has feelings for her, as Sa Nam stops flailing around and starts sinking to the bottom of the lagoon.  The OST cues up as Sun Woo jumps into the water to save Sa Nam instead of Woo Bin.


Woo Bin is carried away by the Rescue Squad as Sa Nam lays immobile on a stretcher.  (I question the capabilities of this “Rescue Squad” — shouldn’t you first attend to the dude who’s obvioulsy unconscious?) Sun Woo attempts CPR, all the while crying that Sa Nam cannot die on her!  She is pulled off by the Rescue Squad and holds onto Sa Nam for dear life, saying she’d rather die in his place instead.

A flash of light and Sa Nam’s hand wound is healed, and then he wakes to see her standing over him.  Hugging ensues!


They sit at a park while Sa Nam asks again what Sun Woo’s wish was that got him down to Earth.  She admits it was originally to earn the affections of Woo Bin, but more likely she wanted to experience a love she would never forget… even after death.  She didn’t realize she was in love with Sa Nam until after he nearly drowned.

But now that her wish was granted (kinda), does this mean that Sa Nam has to return to the heavens?  Sa Nam just sighs and says he’s sorry… he must go now.  If he ever returns to Sun Woo, it could be a really long time for her to wait for him.  But he hopes that Sun Woo will never ever forget about him… since he’s a really bad angel.  (See?  This is why you should be careful of what you wish for!)

Sa Nam says he may be back in another form when that time comes — will Sun Woo be able to recognize him at that time?  She even admits that she’s a bit of a dumbhead after all.  Sa Nam calls her a fool… and then tells Sun Woo he loves her.

They kiss, and Sa Nam’s wings unfurl in anticipation of his leaving, which is confirmed by the next scene showing Sun Woo all by herself… telling the air that she loves him too.


Some unknown time passes…

Sun Woo is talking with a friend on the phone who is getting married about various wifely-like subjects.  She turns the corner to see an outdoor cafe where a hefty guy dressed in angel wings is passing out samples of their coffee… and the name of the cafe is the “Angelic Cafe.”

Some lady wants proof that this tubby is indeed an angel, as Sun Woo walks up to hear the “angel” pretty much repeat the same lines that Sa Nam gave her when he landed in her apartment (especially the “humans always want visual proof of an angel”).  She walks up to Tubby, all the while wondering why he didn’t recognize her first.  Has he forgotten about her already?


Tubby Angel looks confused and tries to make sense of Sun Woo’s words by asking if it’s really him she’s looking for.  But then Sun Woo hears a familiar voice, telling her he can’t afford to take his eyes off of her for even a moment.  Turning around, she looks over to see IT’S SA NAM!  *squeeee*

Sa Nam says he feels uneasy about her and has come to live with her temporarily. He needs to better understand the human heart in order to get promoted.  She calls him a bad boy, and he crabs that she made an angel sad.

They kiss again, as Tubby Angel turns around in embarrassment… where written on the back of his shirt reads “1004 kg.”  (1004 rhymes with “angel” in Korean.)


And with KARA singing us out of there, we end our episode!

Gabby’s comments:

Omoooo! So much feels! I admit, I had little expectations for this show initially since it was produced for a KPop group, but I’m surprised that the quality of storytelling and direction is not inferior to that of a proper K-Drama.  This is my first time seeing Park Gyuri act in anything, and I am pleased to say that she does a decent job in her role here.  Her acting is not exceptional, but not cringe-worthy either.  Although Ji Chang Wook filmed this show before starring in Empress Ki, I can’t help but be reminded of bratty Ta Hwan here in some of his mannerisms.  From that cheeky smile, to that condescending tone and “hmm hmm” smirks, he channels a bit of that Ta Hwan vibe, but also injects something new to this character within his style of speech.  I would certainly love to see him play a chaebol jerk in a future rom-com.  Story-wise, I like how the show established the rules of the heavens concerning our angel, from his inability to tell lies, to the hierarchy of angels and his magic powers… it would be interesting if these ideas were further developed into a proper full-length drama.

The always-complaining and sometimes overbearing attitude of our angel here is also a breakaway from the typical image of an “angel” (or cherubs).  I am satisfied with how the show managed to develop the relationship between the characters and tell a decent story within this short time, although I certainly wouldn’t mind if they had extended it to two episodes.  The CGI effects though, leave much to be desired: the scene where our angel “crash-landed” into the room was quite badly done and also laughter-inducing, and the bouncing car also made the show awkwardly cartoonish.  But other than that, I’m happy with the angel wings (when will we ever get to see Ji Chang Wook play an angel again??), and also very VERY satisfied with how they pulled out all the stops in unleashing the many charms of Ji Chang Wook (nice clothes, winks and oh those abs!!!).


cherkell’s comments:

AHHHH IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!  Oh how I have been foaming at the mouth for AGES for this production to finally see the light of day!!!  We have only been spoon-fed bits n’ bobs about the show, so anticipation was high for its airing.  I watched the prior four episodes, and I am not being biased (well, maybe just a little) when I can honestly say that DRAMAcube truly saved the best for last!.  The cinematography was gorgeous, the script was well-timed and fine-tuned (with the exception of it being a tiny bit rushed at the ending), and the actors were spot-on in their delivery.  I must commend Gyuri for doing a good-enough job with her character, but in some scenes her “deer-in-the-headlights” stare was getting on my nerves after awhile.  She is the leader and oldest member of KARA, and for the PD-nim to pair her with Changwook-ah was a stroke of genius.  I only watched a few episodes of Gyuri’s last drama “Nail Shop Paris,” but I can tell that Changwook’s vast drama experience definitely pushed her to step up her acting game a few notches.

Ah My Precious!!!  Does his agency demand a clause in all drama contracts that insist we viewers be treated to that exemplary buff body each and every time?  YOU SEE ME COMPLAINING?!?  (I thought not.  Carrying on…)  Such a cheeky little monkey playing a crabby little angel suited him very well, and as Gabby noted above, a new take on what we all consider to be “angelic personalities.”  (I highly approve of angels wearing such gorgeous clothing too… or not.)  Heck, I wouldn’t complain if “The Travels of Angel No. 2013” could be turned into a small series sometime in the future!  (Make it so, Drama Gods!!!)  Always the consummate professional, Changwook did a wonderful job with his interpretation of the script, and for a one-shot project, injected some much-needed life into the series.

A nice touch to the series’ OST (and especially this episode) was the inclusion of Oh Jong Hyuk’s song “Nae Maeumeul Butaghae” / “Take Care of My Heart” / ” 내 마음을 부탁해.”  (Jong Hyuk shared the Kang Muyeong role in the musical “The Days” with Changwook.)  With that and the rumour going around that the “drunk guy” being hauled into the police station as Sa Nam left the premises was a bit part played by his manager, this production had several ‘degrees of separation’ running throughout.

I guess if I have to add one tiny complaint, it was the overuse of the Jeju Island filming locations in episodes 2, 4 and 5.  I thought this series was called “Secret Love,” not “A Love Letter to Jeju Island.”  But since I missed travelling to Jeju on my last two trips to Korea, you betcha I’ll be making a stop there on my next trip for sure!

I still cannot believe that exactly 14.2 months after filming started, this production is finally seeing the light of day!  For those who are not keyed into the machinations behind the scenes, KARA has had ongoing problems with their management (DSP Media) at the beginning of production work on 5 May 2013.  Then in September 2013, the series was presented “for sale” at the Broadcasters Worldwide Creative Content (BWCC) convention held at the KBS headquarters in Yeouido.  Over 1,000 broadcasters representing over 60 countries were in attendance throughout, and 10 countries committed to purchasing the series for broadcast at a later date.  KBS Media (one of the co-producers of the series) then reported the series would be aired over the 2013 Chuseok Holiday (20-23 September).  But it never made it to any of the KBS affiliates’ schedule cards, and the project was shelved for the rest of 2013.

Adding to that, the report of Nicole Jung’s leaving the group in October 2013 and Kang Ji Young not renewing her contract and leaving the group in January 2014 put this project further on the back burner.  Then on 24 May 2014, DRAMAcube announced with great fanfare that it had bought the rights to the omnibus series and would be broadcasting it beginning 13 June.  Upcoming events are for an OST release planned sometime in the next few months, and now the series is on its way to Japan for airing there in August 2014.

And there ya go.  This will probably be a one-off production from The Kitchen, but the next time a single-episode work featuring Changwook pops onto our viewing devices, you know we’ll be there to give it a proper treatment.  Thanks for reading!!!


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