[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook Preview for Arena Homme+ Magazine [updated 21 July 2014]

Here are some of the first shots of Ji Chang Wook’s feature for the August issue of men’s fashion magazine, Arena Homme+, courtesy of @aozora8779 and TopStarNews.net.  It could be due to the black-and-white effect of the photos, but his somewhat scruffy appearance in the photo is reminiscent of the bad-boy rocker look he sported in this year’s Elle magazine. Or at least, that’s the first thought that came to our mind. If you liked what you saw in Elle, then this might just float your boat.



JCW Arena Homme+ August 2014


We were also fortunate to be provided with behind-the-scenes shots of this photoshoot back on 11 July, courtesy of his staff:


Watch out for that pole and his smexy pictures in the August issue of Arena Homme+! Oh, what a hot mess!

Picture and video credit to @rs7114

And here’s a teaser from the man himself!


아레나 화보!!!! 수고하셨습니다요!!!^^

(Translation: Arena pictorial!!!! You’ve worked hard!!!^^)


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  1. My thoughts are getting dirtier *shakes head*

    Thank you for the post, Cherkell. He is looking really hot in these pics. *am sweating, ugh*

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