[CF] Ji Chang Wook stars in new summer CF for Cass (Updated CF)


It’s summer time in Korea and Oriental Brewery has introduced a novel way to have fun in the heat.

Fresh from the oven on 22nd July, a new Cass TV CF dubbed as the “rolling pin CF” has Ji Chang Wook riding the waves on his surfboard. Except that the “waves” are actually huge barrels of Cass cans instead. Ha.

Created based on a concept of energetic, imaginative youths enoying the summer heat, the rolling barrels simulate the movement of actual waves and “surfing” atop the barrels also requires a sense of balance much like the actual sport.

A spokesman from Oriental Brewery explained, “For young city dwellers who are unable to head to a far away beach or water park for the summer holiday, this Cass CF presents a summer game that they can easily enjoy.”


Ji Chang Wook was praised for making the surfing scene look very realistic like one featuring an actual professional surfer. A spokesman said, “Even in the hot weather, Ji Chang Wook showed many unique playful expressions and a healthy energy that created a friendly atmosphere during filming.” Ji Chang Wook also drew praise for personally using a small camera to film after he got down from the barrels, effectively expressing the refreshing feel that Cass is known for.

Having earned a warm response from youths last year with their summer CF that featured extreme leisure sports and ignited an interest in blob jumping, the company is hoping to recreate a similar success this year. The spokesman said, “We are looking forward to see what kind of reaction we will receive with this novel way of surfing enjoyed by this year’s representative youth icon Ji Chang Wook.”

Here are a couple of behind-the-scenes videos shared by his staff:

Credit: @rs7114, jiyoung8977 on instagram

UPDATE:  And here’s the final CF!


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