[Magazine] SURE issues apology and offers exclusive pictures

As briefly mentioned previously, Ji Chang Wook’s feature in the August issue of Sure magazine was found to be ridden with printing errors, from a mysterious sock floating in mid-air to weird dots and circles in the text. After receiving a flurry of phone calls from angry fans, the editor has issued an apology to Ji Chang Wook’s fans for the mess-up. To further appease fans, the editor has also released high resolution pictures and an exclusive B-cut not found in the magazine itself.


editorimage_01 editorimage_02 editorimage_03

Editor’s apology as shared on Ji Chang Wook’s Korean fan sites:


Sure hopes that everyone will continue to support them and promises to do better after this incident.

Here are the download links to the images from the editor:

B cut
Main image
Coke can image
Yellow suit image


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