[News update] Ji Chang Wook not starring in Mister Baek


Contrary to a report this morning about a possible return to the small screen in November through the MBC drama “Mister Baek”, Ji Chang Wook’s agency has clarified that the actor will not be starring in the drama. 

“Although what was reported earlier (about the drama) was true, Ji Chang Wook will not be starring in the drama. He is looking for better projects,” a spokesman said.

Fans who commented on the article seem to welcome this turn of events, praising him for making a “wise decision” and telling him to take his time to choose a better project.

So much for the excitement this morning. Looks like we will have to wait longer to see him on screen again.

Source: http://me2.do/5wUrxvaZ

24 July Update: Ji Chang Wook is now considering a KBS drama instead. See new post.

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