[Breaking News] Ji Chang Wook considering KBS drama for November comeback


After declining the offer to star in “Mister Baek”, it seems that Ji Chang Wook has his eyes set on the KBS drama “Healer” instead.

“Healer” tells the story of a rookie reporter growing to become an upright reporter. A star reporter at a major broadcasting station finds out the truth about an old case one day and finds himself caught between the truth and his beliefs. Dubbed as both a romantic comedy and a thriller, the drama is written by the famous Song Ji Na, whose past works include classics like “Sandglass”, “Eyes of Dawn” and “KAIST”, and more recent works  like the Bae Yong Joon epic “The Legend” and “Faith”.

Ji Chang Wook is considering taking on the role of Seo Jeong Hu, an errand boy who impersonates as a “Someday News” reporter.  His agency has confirmed that he has been offered the role, but has not confirmed his acceptance and is still considering.

Besides being penned by a star writer, the drama has also drawn attention for being the first drama in six years that actor Yoo Ji Tae will be starring in. Actress Park Min Young is also considering the role of the female lead, Chae Yong Shin, a female reporter in her twenties. The three characters played by Yoo Ji Tae, Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook will be involved in a love triangle.

“Healer” will be directed by Lee Jung Seob PD, who previously helmed the dramas “Hong Gil Dong”, “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”  and “Glorious Jane”. “Healer” is the final stage of preparations, and is slated to air in November on KBS2 in the coveted Wednesday-Thursday timeslot, after “Joseon Gunman” and “Iron Man”.

Currently, it seems like Ji Chang Wook’s character will be a supporting or secondary lead in the drama. Though I would personally very much prefer him to take on a leading role (since he has the calibre for it), there must be something that caught his eye if he does agree to star in this drama. This will also be the third time that Ji Chang Wook is playing a news reporter.

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  1. Ji Chang Wook is great actor also multitalented, he has reason why he choose HEALER, hope it is the right project for him to make his character more shine.
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