[Movie update] Production of movie “Two Constables” postponed indefinitely

Looks like production for Ji Chang Wook’s new movie “Two Constables” will not be underway any time soon.

Originally slated to begin filming in May, the production was besieged by rumours of funding problems and filming was pushed back to the second half of this year. Now, it seems that this plan is not going to pull through either.

A spokesman from the movie industry said, “There is a high possibility that the production of director Kang Woo Seok’s 20th movie ‘Two Constables’ will not happen in the second half of this year either.  It is not possible to begin production this year.”

Another spokesperson cited difficulty in securing investors as the reason for the stall in production, “The funding issue needs to be resolved first in order for production to carry on smoothly.”

Back in February, the director had earlier struck an agreement with Jeonju City to construct an open film set, but the construction of the police bureau set to be used in the film is also far from completion.  A spokesman from the Jeonju Film Association said that construction of a film set typically takes about 2 to 3 months, but “construction of the police bureau film set is not possible now” and “it looks like the production of the movie will be postponed.”

The agencies of actors Sol Kyung Gyu and Ji Chang Wook, who were supposed to star in the film, said that the plot scenario is still being revised and they have yet to receive any script or filming schedule.

A spokesman from Ji Chang Wook’s agency told the press,”We are not aware at all about the scenario and filming schedule for ‘Two Constables.’  We were told by the production side that filming for the movie will be temporarily put on hold. Ji Chang Wook will take on other shows first and is expected to join ‘Two Constables’ once plans have been finalised.  Details of the casting have not been finalised either.”

Set in the Joseon period, “Two Constables” is a reboot of the 1993 movie “Two Cops,” and Ji Chang Wook was to star as a rookie constable who teams up with a veteran constable to be played by Sol Kyung Gyu.

Looks like fans will have to wait even longer now for Ji Chang Wook’s return to the big screen. Let’s hope he finds other projects in the meantime. Hwaiting!

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