[Breaking News] Ji Chang Wook drama role in “Healer” confirmed (updated)

As several news portals are reporting this afternoon, it looks like Ji Chang Wook has officially accepted the offered role in the KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama “Healer” (working title).

Starring Yoo Ji Tae in his greatly-anticipated return to KDramaland, Changwook will take on the role of “Seo Jeong Hu,” a “mysterious errand boy/messenger character who leaves no traces behind.”  He dreams of living a life of luxury alone on a deserted island in the South Pacific, but grows up to become a zany reporter on the hunt for the truth to a past case.

His mysterious character, who goes by the code name “Healer”, possesses excellent fighting skills, intuition, and is armed with smart gadgets which he uses to accomplish his tasks.

His character will be involved in a love triangle with internet reporter Chae Young Shin, likely to be played by Park Min Young, and star reporter Kim Moon Ho, to be played by Yoo Ji Tae.  No word yet on whether or not Park Min Young will accept the lead female role offered to her, but all news accounts pretty much consider that a done deal.

A spokesman from Kim Jong Hak Productions, the company producing the show, said, “Ji Chang Wook has already been preparing for his role as Seo Jeong Hu by dieting and undergoing martial arts training. Through ‘Healer’, Ji Chang Wook looks set to capture the hearts of many women by displaying a never-before-seen charm and side of him.”

Originally scheduled for the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot on KBS, “Healer” is now anticipated to begin airing after the remake of “Nodame Cantabile” in early December on Monday and Tuesdays instead.  Stay tuned here at The Kitchen for updates as they become available!


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5 August update:

Park Min Young has been officially confirmed to play the female lead.

Her character is Chae Young Shin, who bears the pain of being abandoned by her foster parents as a child. She is an entertainment reporter for an online news site and dreams of being a famous, excellent and legendary reporter like Oriana Fallaci. There is apparently a crazy side to her, and although she has the heart of an A-class reporter, she is always treated like a B-class reporter instead.

We also have a bit more details about Ji Chang Wook’s character. Seo Jeong Hu is a messenger of the 22nd century who is armed with cutting edge equipment. I’m assuming this means he has very sophisticated equipment, rather than him literally time-travelling from the future (please, no!). On the other hand, the Korean wikipedia page for the show also describes Seo Jeong Hu as a poor messenger by night who possesses abilities like Batman and is obsessed with money. HA. This is slightly different from what is reported officially in the media, so take it with a pinch of salt. It also makes me wonder how is he able to afford all these advanced equipment if he’s dirt poor.

Together with star reporter Kim Moon Ho (played by Yoo Ji Tae), who bears a mysterious secret, the three work to unravel the truth of the past and present, and also get involved in a love triangle, of course.



14 August update:


Veteran actors Choi Min Soo and Park Sang Won will be joining Healer!

Both actors famously starred in Song Ji Na’s “Sandglass” back in 1995, and they also went on to star in her subsequent dramas “The Legend” and “Faith”.
Both actors will play important roles related to the male and female leads.
This will also be the second time Choi Min Soo and Ji Chang Wook are working together, so I’m looking forward to it!

14 August update #2:

After the initial excitement about Choi Min Soo and Park Sang Won joining the cast, it seems that this will not come true after all.

According to various reports, both actors were offered roles to star in Healer, but Choi Min Soo eventually declined to star in Healer because of scheduling conflict with his movie. As for Park Sang Won, he is still considering and hasn’t been confirmed to star in Healer.


15 August update:


After talks about a possible “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” reunion went up in smoke, looks like we may now get a “Smile Donghae” reunion instead!

Actress Do Ji Won acted with Ji Chang Wook 4 years ago in the hugely popular daily drama “Smile Donghae” and is now looking to join “Healer”. She has been offered the role of “an important character closely related to the leads” (probably playing his mother again?). She is still considering and her appearance hasn’t been confirmed.



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