[CF] Ji Chang Wook returns for NorthCape Outerwear (Updated)

HE HAS RETURNED!  We have been waiting for ages to see any inkling of the 2014 Fall/Winter catalogue for the Ji Chang Wook-endorsed NorthCape outerwear brand.  Finally, we have some pre-release shots and narrative, courtesy of NorthCape’s official blog!

Ji Chang Wook arrived early in the morning for the NorthCape filming.

The stylist prepares him prior to the shooting.  It was not intentional that his face was not shown…

Again, the expected line of Extreme NorthCape “PEARY” products.  NorthCape’s product design is increasingly really amazing!

The camera monitors the look of Mr. Ji Chang Wook.

After loading in the stills at the end of each shooting session by using a computer and monitor…

… a ton of exposed pictures, but this one deserved to be stuck on the walls.  Soon, NorthCape will release a whole bunch of photos and videos of Ji Chang Wook~

Translated from Korean to English by cherkell

Credit:  Official NorthCape Naver Blog



Here’s a couple shot with fellow Northcape model and Empress Ki star Ha Ji Won!



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