[Drama] “Healer” drama synopsis and character description (Updated 19 Sept)


Drama synopsis (as written by writer Song Ji Na):

In the early 1980s, there were five friends who ran an illegal radio station.
Back then, the world was much simpler.
It was clear what had to be defended and fought for.
The way to go forth was like a straight line.
But reality destroys ideals.
Time teaches one about betrayal and compromise.

Now, their children have grown up to their twenties.
One of them became an agent who steals the secrets of others at night.
Another is a paparazzi who digs for information about others behind their backs.
In this damned world left behind by their parents,
political and societal justice are just unlucky words to them.

But there is one person who will take them forward. Thanks to him…
These children now start to harbour the same dreams as their parents.  A dream to become a real reporter.
But in order to become true reporters, there is a wall that they have to overcome.
This world that their parents have shaped and left behind for them.

Will these children be able to become the real reporters that their parents once dreamt of?
Will they be able to untie the knots of the past and change the world?

“The world messed with us first,” one person among us said.
“No, it is us who have sinned against the world,” yet another person said.
– Hwang Jin Woo, from “Within the Broad-leaved Forest”

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Project purpose:

Possessing excellent fighting  skills and intuition, and armed with cutting edge gadgets is an agent of the 22nd century, Seo Jung Hu.
Going by the code name “Healer”, upon receiving a deposit, he will complete any request without leaving a trace behind.
Although she has the heart of an A-class reporter, internet reporter Chae Young Shin is always receiving B-class treatment in reality.
She’s a reporter who will not shy away from doing bizarre things in the name of justice.
With perfect looks, family background, personality and capabilities, Kim Moon Ho is a mysterious reporter who is entrapped by his secrets.

The three of them will come together and unravel the truth of the past and present.
This is a tale about a head-on fight with the world for victory.


Character description (19 Sept – revised):

Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hu (28 years old, male) – Healer
His code name is Healer and is equipped with wearable smart gadgets.
With senses and fighting skills like a beast, he is the best agent in the industry who can accomplish any tasks perfectly.
His ultimate goal is to save up money to buy a deserted island in the South Pacific and live there alone.
He meets Young Shin and his life starts to get entangled.
He begins to take interest in the world that he once thought he had no feelings for, this is what people say love is.
But the hidden truth of the past is revealed and that love starts to become dangerous.

Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin (27 years old, female) – Reporter
A strong willed and queer internet news reporter at “Someday News”.
Although less than perfect in reality, her dream is to become a legendary reporter like Oriana Fallaci.
Though it would have been fine to let a dream remain a dream, her life becomes tiring because of rookie reporter Seo Jung Hu who chases her around like a stalker, and the rigorous training that Kim Moon Ho puts her through when he offers to help her realise her dream.
As she gets to know the both of them, unimaginable and dangerous events start happening, and her Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) starts to connect with her past that draws nearer.

Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho (37 years old, male) – Reporter
A star reporter ranked among the top 1% and the subject of envy among reporters, he is the brother of an owner of a huge media company.
During their childhood, he was entangled with Chae Young Shin in the past and had been feeling guilty about it all these years, till he finally got to meet Young Shin again.
To make up for his sins, he tries to help Young Shin turn into a famous reporter.
But at some point in time, the grown-up Young Shin starts to sway his heart and beliefs, and he is put to the test.


Additional description about the drama (19 Sept – new):

From the best sexy errand boy in the industry with the brains, looks and fighting skills; to a hacker with the scary ability to easily infiltrate any computer network belonging to government organisations, companies or the subway etc; and a star reporter who ranks among the top 1% and the envy of all reporters in Korea…characters of various professions with distinct characteristics will appear in the show, realistically drawing up an attractive world that we do not know of.

Also featuring state-of-the-art equipment that will stimulate your imagination, and action that will stimulate your eyes and heart!
‘Healer’, which is drumming up anticipation with grand and stylish images, will present viewers with cutting edge new gadgets drawn from imagination.
The drama will utilise cutting edge gadgets that will trigger imagination of gadgets we will likely have in the near future.
The drama will satisfy the audiences’ senses through the image of the lead who can defeat a hundred enemies alone and accomplish his mission.

A quality drama similar to the likes of American dramas (e.g. Arrow, House of Cards) and British dramas (e.g. Hunted)!
A quality drama that seeks to excite the heart with profit-driven organisations and politicians modelled in the likeness of those in our real world will go against reporters Moon Ho and Young Shin who seek to uncover the truth of the past, and the change of Healer Jung Hu between the past and present.


*Note: Since the text is written by an advertiser (whose job is to make everything sound attractive), you might want to avoid setting your hopes too high in case the drama does not turn out as good, keke.  

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