[Interview] Ming Weekly Exclusive – Ji Chang Wook reveals his expectations of a girlfriend


Korean drama ‘Empress Ki’ has achieved new heights in Taiwan in its viewership ratings, and Ji Chang Wook, who played the Yuan emperor in the drama, is also seeing a similar rise in his market value. Days ago, Ji Chang Wook drew attention when he came to Taiwan to film the popular Korean variety show ‘Running Man’, and he will be returning to Taiwan again on the 30th for a fan meeting. In an interview with this magazine before his visit to Taiwan, Ji Chang Wook speaks light-heartedly about his ideal girlfriend, saying, “I dream to find a girlfriend who will walk with me on this path of an actor!”

To thank the support of his Taiwan fans, Ji Chang Wook agreed to an exclusive interview with this magazine, and answered every question with care.

To thank the support of his Taiwan fans, Ji Chang Wook agreed to an exclusive interview with this magazine, and answered every question with care.

Starring Ha Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook and Joo Jin Mo as the leads, the Korean period drama ‘Empress Ki’ is currently airing in Taiwan. It has beaten the average viewership ratings of ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan’ (3.34) and Japanese drama ‘Hanzawa Naoki’ (2.42), with real-time ratings even peaking at 7.18, hence emerging as the ratings king in the past 5 years among the foreign dramas aired in Taiwan, setting a new record. As Seung Nyang, played by Ha Ji Won, embarks on her plan for revenge, she assists the Yuan emperor, played by Ji Chang Wook, to regain his authority, and his infatuation with her has won him the hearts of many fans.

Private holiday to Taipei and the unforgettable delicacies

After wrapping up his filming for ‘Empress Ki’, Ji Chang Wook has been taking a break. Days ago, he followed ‘Running Man’ to Taiwan for filming and experienced the unforgettable warmth of the Taiwanese fans. Regarding his second upcoming visit to Taiwan at the end of this August, he says with a laugh that he hasn’t consulted Ha Ji Won, who came to Taiwan in June for promotions, about which places to visit for dining and sightseeing. However, he reveals that he had visited Taiwan secretly in summer last year, “Actually, I have visited Taiwan before (Ha~). I found the place amazing and I like Taiwan food a lot. It is not uncomfortable to me at all. Most of the food is very delicious, especially the vermicelli with pig intestines (大肠面线) that I ate at the market, I think that’s what it’s called? It left a deep impression on me. I would like to try it again if I have the chance. I really miss that taste (laughs)!”

Regarding his first overseas fan meeting that is fast approaching, Ji Chang Wook is extremely looking forward to it, “I haven’t held many fan meetings before even in Korea, so I don’t have much experience. I want to put in my best to show the different sides of me to the fans this time round. I’ve prepared a lot for the Taiwan fan meeting this time as I wish to repay my fans.” Given his decent and handsome appearance, what would be his greatest charm? He says abashedly, “My greatest charm? Probably…it should probably be how I work hard in life! Ha~ (embarrassed laughter)”

A weak personality hidden within

Ji Chang Wook gained attention for playing a soft-hearted and weak youngest son in ‘My Too Perfect Sons’, transformed into a strong youth in ‘Smile Donghae’ and earned himself the nickname of “Nation’s Son”, but it is ‘Empress Ki’ that shot him to fame and expanded his career overseas. Talking about the most memorable scene he filmed in ‘Empress Ki’,  he revealed, “From September last year till April this year, I lived with Ta Hwan day and night for eight months. When I suddenly had to leave him, I found it a pity, so the very last scene we filmed was especially unforgettable. Furthermore, I had to kill my most trusted friend in the last scene, so that scene made me cry uncontrollably, and it took me a very long time to recover myself.”


Although others see Ta Hwan as a weak emperor, Ji Chang Wook said, “My personality also has a weak side to it, after all I am just an ordinary human (laughs). But as an actor,  I try hard to stay true to the innate character of my role. I don’t think Ta Hwan is weak, but he is a man who became tough to protect his love. He is the true emperor of a huge country, so he used this power to protect his love.” From his debut till now, he is an actor who strongly believes in himself and does not like to change his acting according to the public or the media. Before filming, he will always analyse his role seriously, “If I do not have a good grasp, I will start to doubt myself, and criticisms will cause me to be confused.”

Ji Chang Wook’s confession and intense kissing scenes with Ha Ji Won created record-high ratings and made the audience worry about the love between the two that is ridden with difficulties. When it comes to Ha Ji Won’s greatest charm, Ji Chang Wook said frankly, “She is very feminine!” He reveals that Ha Ji Won is his senior from the same university, who is also a very professional senior who has taught him many things and he has similarly learnt a lot from her, “Senior often wears a smile on her face, has a cheerful personality, and working with her is very enjoyable.”

Dating an older woman is also OK


Ji Chang Wook (left) and Ha Ji Won (right) at the ‘Empress Ki’ press conference. The combination of a handsome man and pretty lady made fans exclaim that the two are very compatible.

Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won have an age gap of nine years, but the two of them did not look incompatible at all in the show despite the female being older than the guy. Will he be willing to accept an older woman in reality? He said frankly, “When dating, I think age does not really matter. The interaction is more important, and what matters to me is someone who spends happy moments with me. ” With regards to his ideal partner, he has no particular conditions either. He does not care about appearances or age difference, all he asks for is a girl who can communicate well with him, “I don’t have an ideal type. Ha~ it’s true! If I really have to set a criteria, then it would probably be someone who can walk with me along the path that I choose (the path of an actor)! I hope to find someone who can have mutual understanding with me and walk with me on the life journey of my dream.”

In September, Ji Chang Wook will be filming a new show called “Healer” with Park Min Young, where he will play a perfect and mysterious errand boy Seo Jung Hu who finishes all his tasks without a hitch. It is a complex love story involving a 22nd century-style errand boy with high-tech gadgets, a young reporter with big ambitions, and a star reporter who bears an untold secret. To create a good piece of work, he has been analysing his character during his free time, “Senior Park Min Young is a very good actress and I am very happy to be able to work hard on this project with her. For the sake of this role, I’ve been exercising everyday and I am also practising martial arts, so everyone please look forward to it. (Hahaha)” The show is slated for broadcast in Korea in December.

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Article first published on 23-08-2014. 

Taiwan Ming Weekly Issue 201 


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