[News/Interview] Ji Chang Wook to arrive in Taiwan on Thursday, staying for 4 days 3 nights


South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook, who played the infatuated Yuan emperor in the Korean drama ‘Empress Ki’, has been confirmed to be arriving in Taiwan on the 28th, and will be holding his first fan meeting at the Taiwan International Convention Centre on the 30th at 7.30pm, giving fans the chance to interact with the Yuan emperor at close range.

Unlike other Korean celebrities who make a quick visit, Ji Chang Wook will specially be coming to Taiwan 2 days in advance and is expected to spend 4 days and 3 nights here from 28th to 31st August. Earlier, he came to Taiwan to film the popular programme ‘Running Man’ and left a good impression. He said that besides holding a fan meeting and interacting with fans, after giving interviews to the media, he does not exclude the possibility of “travelling incognito” to visit local places during his remaining time. Hence, not only will his fans be able to meet him in person at the fan meeting, they may even get the chance of seeing him at the night markets and other places!

The event organiser Sam Nova said that Ji Chang Wook will be flying to Taiwan on the morning of the 28th via flight KE-691, he will be staying at the Westin Taipei (六福皇宫), and he will be having a photoshoot with a famous international magazine at night. His management agency also revealed that after concluding his interviews, they hope to visit the night markets, Ximending and other local attractions, taste Ah Zong Mian Xian (阿宗面线), iced starfruit juice (杨桃冰) and Xiao Long Bao (*gabby: oh I LOVE Xiao long bao!!! ♥♥♥).


Through the airing of Korean dramas ‘My Too Perfect Sons’, ‘Smile Donghae’, ‘Five Fingers’ and others, he has left a deep impression on Taiwan audiences, but it was only until ‘Empress Ki’ that Ji Chang Wook officially ventured into the Asian market and became a popular male actor known to everyone. His excellent acting skills has also won approval from many. After learning about ‘Empress Ki’ being the 2014 ratings winner in Taiwan, Ji Chang Wook said humbly that he wishes to give the credit to the whole cast and staff of ‘Empress Ki’ for this achievement, and Ha Ji Won, the soul of the show, has definitely played a big role in this! “Ha Ji Won is a very respectable senior. Acting opposite her was a very enjoyable and unforgettable experience. She is a very serious actress, not only will she study her lines carefully, she will also do the necessary homework to understand the characteristics of the other characters. From her, I have seen the “attitude” that one should have as an actor!”

Talking about his impression of Taiwan, Ji Chang Wook said straightforwardly and immediately mentioned the “human warmth” and “snacks”, “In Korea, I’ve received letters of encouragement from Taiwan fans. Although their words of support and approval were written in simple Korean, but they still made me very touched!” Then what about the kinds of Taiwan snacks he would like to try this time? Ji Chang Wook said with a laugh, “There are simply too many! Pearl milk tea, iced mango, pineapple tarts, Xiao Long Bao, vermicelli cannot be missed, Taiwan’s spicy hotpot (麻辣火锅) is also very famous internationally, so if I have the chance, I definitely have to give all a try! I hope my appetite does not scare everyone!”

Ticket sales of his fan meet is doing well with close to 80% sold, and several business owners have purchased hundreds of tickets out of their own pockets for their employees to meet the “Emperor”. Ji Chang Wook is very thankful and delighted, saying that he will definitely repay everyone at the fan meeting with rich content in return for everyone’s support. Regarding his first fan meeting in Taiwan, in order to make the show more exciting, all the programme planning and schedules have been arranged to be done up by a famous Korean writer and director, including the lighting, music, sound effects, stage design and so on.

Translated from Mandarin to English by Gabby.

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  1. With his good looking, handsome face, sweet smile and hard working his name rise very fast, I happy with him, because Empress Ki he became famous in Asia, good job JCW
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