[News] Ji Chang Wook in Taiwan Day 2

Ji Chang Wook is keeping the Taiwan media busy with countless reports about him.

Here are the key excerpts from his various interviews:

Ji Chang Wook said he toured Taipei two years ago with a friend who was studying there. Back then, there weren’t many people who recognised him, so the two of them were able to openly take the subway and dine out. Now that he is here for a fan meeting and given the popularity of Empress Ki, he doesn’t enjoy that kind of freedom anymore. He has often been likened to Taiwan actor Kai Ko and he says he knows about that actor. He feels it’s amazing but also happy that he is compared to Kai Ko, because Kai Ko is a famous actor, which means that Empress Ki is very popular, that’s why people know about him and hence compare him to Kai Ko, so he feels honoured.

He says he has been practising sword fighting and Qin Na (a type of kungfu) for his new drama. The drama also has scenes that require him to go shirtless, so he has been dieting. He says embarrassedly that he has some abs. He wanted to exercise last night but he was too busy with work, so he will definitely do so tonight. The reporter expressed concern about his sore eye, he said “there’s still a bit!”. He says he had the stye 3-4 days ago and it swelled really badly, so he frantically went to seek treatment. He even told the event organiser that he might have to wear shades during interviews and prepared several pairs of sunglasses, but thankfully it is almost recovered by the time he got to Taiwan. “I can now open my eyes widely and speak to everyone!”


Although his tears have touched audiences in Empress Ki, he says he doesn’t cry easily in reality. Although he is sentimental,but he doesn’t cry much because there are not that many sad things happening. He merely put in all his emotions in order to portray Ta Hwan. The reporter asked if there was any scene where he really felt something for Ha Ji Won, he says they were merely playing their roles, but since she has a cheerful personality and is serious about her work, she is a great partner whether he speaks from the perspective of a man or a junior.
This is the first time that he has brought his mum overseas. He says his mum was very happy and immediately agreed to come along. As he speaks, he points out of the window saying cutely, “Now that I’m working, I’ve no idea where she has gone to”, causing the reporters and staff to laugh. He says his mum is a Buddhist, so going to visit and pray at Xing Tian Temple and Longshan Temple makes her very satisfied. She’s now touring Jiufen.


The Taiwan press also praised him for being approachable and not putting on airs like an emperor. Ji Chang Wook says he likes Taiwan a lot. Although he finds it difficult to learn Mandarin, he still picked up a few simple words like “xie xie (thank you)”, “wo shi chi chang xu (I am Ji Chang Wook).” He even prepared a surprise gift for the readers of Next Magazine.




Ji Chang Wook also made an appearance on MTV “I Love Idol”

He was presented with a loaf of the award-winning Longan with Red Wine bread with his name engraved on it from famous baker Wu Bao Chun.


Ji Chang Wook will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Uno magazine. His staff revealed a video of him at the photoshoot.

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