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12 thoughts on “[Exclusive] Ji Chang Wook 2014 Fan Meeting in Taipei (fan account)

  1. Am glad I dropped in here to read your experience. Like some of the commenters said, reading your post was like I was there too. Couldn’t help laughing out loud when you said he has very thick makeup. It’s hard to believed that when we see him in the pictures & he looks so perfect right? His skin looks flawless & smooth & fair too. I supposed all the celebrities have to have thick makeup too for that “effects” on camera. Thanks, it was a good read.

  2. Dear Gabby,

    I have been to this blog countless times but how come I have never chanced upon this post? Thanks so much for sharing your first hand experience of your very first FM with him. If he ever comes to Spore one day, I always say I will NOT go coz I am a shy person and the thought of seeing him and touching his hand will surely make me faint on the spot, but after reading this post , It gives me courage to go ahead but FIRSTLY, he has to want to come here, haha.

    I always do not have the chance to thank you and Cherkell for sharing your translations and love for actor Ji with us, non Korean speaking fans, so here goes, THANK YOU very much.


  3. thanks Gabby.. your writing skill brings me there along with you 🙂
    honestly, this is my frist time following all about a celeberity in life.
    and your guys effort make me be a big and bigger fan of JCW.. non typical actor, so strangely funny (borrowing your words :D)

    thanks again.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Im not a fan of jcw but i admire his acting skills such a talented actor abd i really think he’s a nice guy behind the scene! More power to chang wook im watching Healer oh and also congrats to him for winning at kbs awards!

  5. TQ very much for posting this… & for the blog…. am just newly smitten with him, after finished empress qi last sunday.. feeling heartbroken after the beautiful ending huhuhu..

  6. Thank you!!!
    That must of been an awesome experience. JCW seem so nice and thoughtful. Reading ur fan account and others gave me the feeling that JCW is really nice, seriously lol. He kind of reminds me of his character, Donghae lol

  7. Thanks for sharing this post !! I’m very happy although I didn’t have a chance to enjoy his 1st FM !! You made a good decision ( came to TW by yourself).

  8. Awesome!! I also have no luck in lucky draws but next time I hope you’ll be the lucky one. I’m totally fangirling like a loon here. He prepares so much for his fans, I really touched. Now I really pray he will have FM in our regions.

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