[Award] Ji Chang Wook nominated for Top Excellence Award at 2014 Korea Drama Awards


Congratulations! Ji Chang Wook has been nominated for the 2014 Korea Drama Awards.

Ji Chang Wook is nominated in the Top Excellence Award (Male) category for his role as Ta Hwan in ‘Empress Ki’, along with actors Lee Seung Gi (You’re All Surrounded), Lee Jong Seok (Doctor Stranger), Kim Jae Joong (Triangle) and Yoo Ah In (Secret Love Affair). 

Held for the 7th year, the Korea Drama Awards is part of a 12-day event known as the Korea Drama Festival which comprises of talks, concerts and more. Details of the awards ceremony are as follows:


Date: 1 October 2014 (Wednesday)
Venue: Geongnam Culture and Arts Centre, Jinju
Red carpet: 5pm KST
Opening ceremony: 6pm KST
Awards ceremony: 6.30pm – 8.30pm KST

Meanwhile, his co-stars Ha Ji Won and Baek Jin Hee have also been nominated in the Daesang and Excellence Award (Female) categories respectively, along with the ‘Empress Ki’ directors Han Hee and Lee Sung Jin for the Best Director category, while ‘Empress Ki’ is in the run for the Best Drama category.

It is not clear yet whether there will be a popularity vote involved, or whether Ji Chang Wook will be attending the ceremony. Let’s hope we can see His Majesty shine on stage in glory once again!

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5 thoughts on “[Award] Ji Chang Wook nominated for Top Excellence Award at 2014 Korea Drama Awards

  1. JCW deserves the award, no matter ratings,personal acting or drama influence. He gives the character life and meaning in the long eight months .If JCW miss the award, it’s totally unfair.

  2. i have a feeling that our handsome baby Emperor will win this! He should be awarded for giving the audience such pleasure! Go JCW, Go! Love you mad!

  3. JCW nomination is most welcomed. In my opinion he could win the award for his excellent portrayal in Empress Ki. All the other nominees are also notably good actors however, there is a certain degree of difference i find in his performance.

    • I think he stands a good chance in winning too since Empress Ki got very high ratings, just that he might be disadvantaged if they decide to do a popularity vote, so I hope they don’t do that. Looking at last year’s winners (the actor who starred as Yeom Byung Soo in Empress Ki won the top excellence award last year), I’m quite optimistic.

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