[CF] Ji Chang Wook awaits ski season for the NorthCape F/W catalogue


Ha.  You thought NorthCape was done with BTS shots for their 2014 Fall/Winter catalogue, eh?  Well, you would be WRONG since NorthCape released a whole bunch o’ new pictures today (graciously helping to supplement our previous posts here and here).  And suddenly I feel like it’s 50º cooler inside my apartment just viewing all this ski-worthy clothing.  Bring on the snow!



The last time I saw Ji Chang Wook was on the 5 April Arbor Day event.  It’s been a long time!


Over time, Ji Chang Wook looks closer to perfection…


Indeed, the visuables are enviable.

지창욱_화보_촬영스케치_노스케이프_지창욱06 지창욱_화보_촬영스케치_노스케이프_지창욱07

Changwook’s look cannot be overlooked.


I heard about the first fan meeting in Taipei where 2,000 fans met.  Comparing the popularity of “Empress Ki,” Changwook is becoming a Hallyu star.

(Oh dear.  Looks like someone’s falling asleep on his feet.  Be careful not to wake him too suddenly…)


All day Changwook’s condition was very good. Completed the photoshoot in a very relaxed state.

(Now you’ve done it.  Don’t make him angry.  You wouldn’t like it when he gets angry.  WOOK SMASH!!!)

지창욱_화보_촬영스케치_노스케이프_지창욱10 지창욱_화보_촬영스케치_노스케이프_지창욱11 지창욱_화보_촬영스케치_노스케이프_지창욱12 지창욱_화보_촬영스케치_노스케이프_지창욱13

Changwook’s look also works well with this hat. Jealous.


NorthCape Ji Chang Wook picture shoot results.

And a video too!

Translation from Korean to English by cherkell

Credit:  Official NorthCape Naver Blog

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