[Drama] “Healer” rounds out its supporting cast with heavyweights

With less than three months left until its 8 December premiere, “Healer” has announced the finalization of its secondary cast.  And boy, such drama heavyweights this production has pulled in!  In addition to Do Ji Won, Woo Hee Jin and Oh Jong Hyuk already confirmed, also joining the cast are: 

KimMiKyungKim Mi Kyung as Cho Min Ja, a hacker who has a knack for infiltrating computer networks at ease and teams up with ‘messenger’ Seo Jung Hu (Ji Chang Wook) as his sidekick.





CapturePark Sang Won as Kim Moon Shik, the brother of Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae).  To add in even more intrigue, Moon-shik is the President of a powerful Korean newspaper and one of the five friends who were involved in the operation of a pirate radio station.





ParkSangMyeonPark Sang Myeon as Chae Chi Soo (Chae Young Shin’s foster father) who is expected to be a hilarious combination with Park Min Young.  Chi-soo is a criminal attorney who also operates a cafe on the side where he trains prisoners to become baristas.






Oh Gwang Rok as Ki Yeong Jae, one of the five friends who used to run the pirate radio station.





ParkwonsangPark Won Sang as Jang Byung Jae, an online news editor.





Also joining the cast are Lee Gyeong Shim, who is making her comeback to dramaland after 15 years, Jung Kyu Soo, Jo Han Cheol,Woo Hyun and Park Sang Wook. No information has been given as to what roles these stars will be playing.