[CF] Ji Chang Wook gears up again for the NorthCape F/W catalogue

And for the umpteenth time since the original photoshoot, NorthCape dribbles out yet another Ji Chang Wook BTS collection for their 2014 Fall/Winter catalogue, this time featuring its Peary line of men’s outdoor wear.

It was not easy wearing a thick down jacket in the hot weather … lucky to have air conditioning.

The computer monitor shows Chang-wook’s NorthCape second pictorial shooting has ended.

Good feeling for photo prints and outputs.

NorthCape even gave a nice shout-out to Chang-wook’s upcoming drama “Healer,” soon to air on KBS2 in December 2014.  Will there be any NorthCape product placement in “Healer?”  I guess you’ll all have to tune in and find out!

More stills in the gallery below:

Translation from Korean to English by cherkell

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