[Photo] Ji Chang Wook undisclosed cuts for “The Days”

StarLog provides us with a few behind-the-scenes photos taken for the preview videos and poster filming for Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming performances in “The Days.”  The caption for these shots reads:  “Can a bodyguard be this handsome?  You can’t see anything like this elsewhere!”

In addition, Reporter Yang Hyung Mo from the Sports Donga newspaper sat down with Ji Chang Wook at “The Days” rehearsals for an upcoming interview, and provided this picture via Twitter today:

Reporter Yang states he was very impressed with Chang-wook during their conversation, saying he was moved by how mature his thoughts were, which were unlike that of someone in his 20s. The reporter could also sense the attachment and pride that Chang-wook has for his work, and he is “VERY handsome”!

23 September update:
Pictures of Ji Chang Wook during the interview photoshoot! Starlog says the photographer was surprised by how long his legs were. The cover story is expected to be published on 13 October.

Yang Hyung Mo Twitter


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