[CF] Ji Chang Wook couples up again for the NorthCape F/W catalogue

You can almost set your watches for the times when NorthCape decides to dribble out even yet more behind-the-scenes shots of Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won posing for the NorthCape 2014 Fall/Winter catalogue.  And this would be one of them.

Another meeting on the NorthCape set to share photos of the TaNyang Couple.  A different time period from the ‘Empress Ki’ costumes.

Today the couple shots for the NorthCape 2014 Fall/Winter photoshoot.

Because the TaNyang Couple have been together for a long time, the look on the NorthCape set seems very natural.

Will there be more forthcoming next Monday from NorthCape?  It’s a safe bet there most definitely will be…

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