[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook goes dark for Men’s Uno (updated with video)

We are treated to even more photos from Ji Chang Wook’s recent visit to Taiwan, as he posed for the Men’s Uno fashion magazine while on his fan meeting trip at the end of August 2014.  Here’s some representative shots shared with us by the magazine this afternoon.

And a small BTS teaser put up earlier.  It takes a village to properly style a superstar, no?  🙂

The Men’s Uno magazine with Ji Chang Wook gracing its cover will go on sale in Taiwan (and other online outlets) beginning 1 October.

1 October update:

Men’s Uno has released a short behind-the-scenes video and interview with Ji Chang Wook taken during the photoshoot.  Enjoy!


Men’s Uno magazine

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  1. Hi Thank you for the updated news on his photoshoot for Men’s Uno Magazine. Really appreciate your work. And sorry to bother but could you please let me know how to order this magazine as it becomes available? Thanks!

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