[Drama] Cast of Healer gathers for second script reading


A second script reading session for the KBS2 drama “Healer” was held at the KBS annex building on the 29th last month. Present at the session were PD Lee Jung Seob, PD Kim Jin Woo, writer Song Ji Nah and other production staff members, and also cast members Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young, Yoo Ji Tae, Park Sang won, Do Ji Won, Park Sang Meon, Kim Mi Kyung, Woo Hee Jin, Park Won Sang, Oh Gwang Rok, etc.

PD Lee Jung Seob opened the second script reading session with an address, “Thank you for braving the heavy rain and making your way here on a rainy day,” and the session proceeded in a friendly atmosphere. Having already worked together in the first script reading session, the actors upgraded and took their collaboration a level higher, and you can sense they are more comfortable with one another compared to the first session.

In this session, the actors were especially passionate about the drama. After the session ended, the actors queued up to ask writer Song Ji Nah about their respective characters, sharing their thoughts about their characters with Song in detail, and one can see their hard work to perfect their characters.
After the session concluded, writer Song Ji Nah said to the cast, “I’ll always be on standby 24 hours. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have anything you wish to discuss with me about your characters.” PD Lee Jung Seob quipped, “I’m also on standby 24 hours,” showing their determination and hard work to create a more interesting and higher quality drama.

A representative who was present at the script reading said, “Although the script reading was done in a harmonious atmosphere, the actors showed passionate acting as though they were already acting in the real drama. Given the abundance of passion that the actors and production team have for the drama, I believe a really good drama will be made.”

Source: TV Report

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook will have two child stars playing his character Seo Jung Hu in his childhood years. They are Choi Jung Hu and Go Woo Rim, who will be playing the 5 year old and 8 year old versions of his character Seo Junghu respectively.

16 Oct update:


Musical actor Son Seung Won will be joining the cast of “Healer” as the younger version of Kim Moon Ho’s (Yoo Ji Tae) older brother, Kim Moon Shik. He is a dependable person who took care of his younger brother just like a parent would. He will be appearing in the show through flashbacks.

Son Seung Won previously starred in the KBS drama special “Cry Differently” and this will be the first proper drama that he’s starring in. He famously cross-dressed and played the female character Choi So Yeon in the musical “Hedwig”, which has concluded its Seoul leg and is left with 2 more performances outside Seoul.

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