[Musical] Ji Chang Wook rehearses for The Days musical


We have a glimpse of Ji Chang Wook rehearsing diligently for his upcoming musical “The Days”.

The cast held a public rehearsal at 2pm KST at the Arion practice room in Jongno, Yeonji-dong today.


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Based on the photos, I can tell that they were rehearsing the scene where he sings “My Song”. Everybody, sing! La la la la la la la la la ~~~


Ji Chang Wook said, “During a drinking session last year, I was asked ‘Will you act in this musical again next year?’ and I said yes, so I ended up joining again. I feel happy to be doing this again.”

Yoo Joon Sang, who made a public pledge last year if sales went past the break-even mark, was asked if he would make a pledge again this year. He said “I don’t do public pledges these days”, triggering laughter from the floor. He then passed the mic to Ji Chang Wook. “I don’t do this kind of pledges,” he said, and passed the mic back to Yoo.

He then proceeded to tease Ji Chang Wook, “Will you make a public pledge to go to the army?”, to which Ji Chang Wook replied while sweating buckets, “Won’t I be going to the army naturally when the time comes?”










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Here, we have a video from Ji Chang Wook’s staff of the cast posing for pictures for the media.

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