[Musical] Ji Chang Wook performance at The Days musical press call


As reported previously, Ji Chang Wook attended a rehearsal cum press call for his upcoming musical The Days on Monday. The media has released several videos of the event, and thanks to that, we are able to get a proper glimpse of what to expect during his performance. 

A total of 7 scenes from the musical were performed at the press call, with Ji Chang Wook performing in 2 scenes — “My Song (나의 노래)” and “To You (너에게)”, with Yoo Joon Sang and Shin Sa Eun.

Here, you can watch the highlights of the various scenes, or skip to the 2-minute mark for Ji Chang Wook’s part:

This is an edited version from a longer clip, where you can watch his performance in entirety:

More improvements and additions have been made to the musical, so you will notice some differences in the props used, actions and acting. Ji Chang Wook also performed “My Song” at the press call last year, so if you compare the 2 performances, you will notice that he carries a nicer looking book and his acting and delivery are also different, although the lines remain the same.

This is a clip of him performing the same song at last year’s press call, see if you can spot the difference:

Finally, we get to see Ji Chang Wook looking all flustered when Yoo Joon Sang got him to make a public pledge to do a special stunt if ticket sales pass the break-even mark:

Ji Chang Wook: Ah, I really can’t do this kind of thing, please help me hyungnim. What kind of public pledge should we make?

Yoo Joon Sang: If we pass the break-even mark, will you enlist in the army immediately?

Ji Chang Wook: The army is a place that I’ll go to naturally when the time comes right? *cue trademark laughter*

Also, Ji Chang Wook will be appearing on MBC Section TV this coming Sunday together with Yoo Joon Sang. The programme will air a segment of them taken at the musical press call on Monday. The show will air on MBC at 3.45pm KST this Sunday. Stay tuned!


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