[Interview] What is Ji Chang Wook most afraid of in the musical “The Days”?

The premiere of musical The Days is approaching soon. It is a show that allows Ji Chang Wook who became a top star through drama Empress Ki to make his return to the stage.

Although he is busy with filming for his new drama, he was determined to star in The Days again. He has great affection for the musical as a member of the first cast, and more importantly, he’s also doing this to keep his promise to work together again for the re-run. 

However, it is inevitable that the pressure of acting in the re-run this year has gotten bigger as compared to last year’s. It’s because of his new status thanks to Empress Ki. More of his fans are now diligently coming to see him at his musical.

Ji Chang Wook said, “I really practiced a lot last year.” During the 3 months of practice, he participated in nearly all the practices. He persevered through the infamous “10 to 10 (meaning from 10am till 10pm)” practices. In his own words, he was almost like a “permanent fixture in the practice room”.

Ji Chang Wook said, “I recall the most terrifying moment.” It was the moment when he heard about the ticket prices. The ticket prices of musicals are no joke these days. A good seat can cost more than 100,000 won. The VIP seats for The Days is also 110,000won.

“When I heard about the ticket prices, I immediately sensed the pressure. It’s really great (sigh).”

Ji Chang Wook majored in acting in university, so he has many friends who are actors. He also has many friends who are musical actors. There are many times when his theatre friends tell him, “come and watch my performance.” The ticket prices for theatre is relatively reasonable. There are many shows that you can watch for just 10-20,000won if you get a discount.

Ji Chang Wook said, ” I feel sorry to ask my friends to come and watch my performance. I also feel pressured myself. I also buy the tickets personally and give them.”

In fact, there are not many chances to invite your friends for free even if you are a lead actor. At such occasions, actors fork out their own money to buy tickets and give to their friends. The tickets are originally expensive so actors also feel burdened.

With the premiere approaching, Ji Chang Wook said, “In order to create a musical that is not a waste of money, everyone is working hard. We will create a musical that is even better than last year’s.”

He who is known as a “humble actor” among his colleagues and seniors, this story about himself that is hard to come by is believable. We await ‘the day’ of the premiere of The Days.

Translated from Korean to English by Gabby.

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  1. JCW is a so genuine and humble actor! The fame and star status didn’t change him at all. That is one of his many charms that I like about him. ❤ Keep it up JCW! You are the best ~ ❤

  2. Thank you so much for always translating these. I just recently found out about ji chang wook and he is so amazing and well rounded. I really love him and am so happy to be able to read these things about him.

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