[Instagram update] 21 October 2014

6:35PM KST

그날들 첫공 !! 데이락에서 떡이랑 도시랑왔네요 아~~주!!! 잘먹었습다!!! 감사합니다!!! 그날들 첫공 빠이팅!! #데이락 #맛있음 #그날들 첫공 #힘내

‘The Days’ premiere!  DayRock is here with rice cakes I’ll eat it ve~~ry well!!! Thank you!!! ‘The Days’ premiere fighting!!
#DayRock #Delicious #The Days Premiere #Cheers
*This picture is of the flowers that his Daum fan cafe DayRock presented along with traditional rice cakes for the cast and crew.
Tonight at 8:00PM is the premiere of “The Days” reboot at the Daehangno Musical Centre Grand Theatre in Seoul.  We here at The Kitchen send our happy thoughts to all the cast and crew for a successful performance.  Break a leg, everyone!  그날들 빠이팅!!!

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