[News] Ji Chang Wook charms fans at Northcape fan sign

As part of Northcape promotions, Ji Chang Wook held a fan sign session at Bauhaus Mall on the 29th of October yesterday. Many people had gathered from the moment he arrived, proving his popularity.

Ji Chang Wook showed an outdoor fashion style and arrived wearing Northcape’s winter wear. With a gentle smile, he showed his affection by shaking hands with fans or giving hugs, effectively capturing the hearts of fans.
image There was also a lucky draw at the end where he picked out 6 winners to take home Hyungji Group shopping vouchers. The fan sign was also held as part of the grand opening of Northcape’s branch at Bauhaus.
Ji Chang Wook said, “More people than I had expected came to the fan sign held with Northcape and I am thankful. I will repay the support of fans through various activities in the future.”


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