[Eng Sub] Ji Chang Wook interview with ET Idol (Part 2)

As reported previously, ET Idol said they were going to have a second round of their giveaway event, so here it is!


The prizes up for grabs this time are Polaroid photos. According to the editor, Ji Chang Wook started to take the pictures very seriously when he heard that they were to be given away to readers. He even checked the photos several times, and also signed his autograph seriously.





The question for this round is: “Guess which of the following themes did Ji Chang Wook pick to draw?”
1. Wind
2. Sun
3. Water
4. Mountain

And the answer is:

Mountain is the correct answer. But lol, didn’t he draw a combination of everything?? Someone looks very satisfied with his own masterpiece.

ET Idol also posted a continuation of their video interview with him previously.
Click CC for English subtitles.

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