[Drama] Healer to be filmed at Cheongju


The drama “Healer”, which is slated for broadcast next month, will be filming in Cheongju.

According to a representative of Cheongju city on 3 November, the production team will be conducting filming from now till early February next year.

The main film sites include open film sets such as an old tobacco manufacturing plant, Cheongnamdae (a presidential villa that has since become a tourist attraction), Seongan Street, the National Museum of Cheongju, and Suam Alley etc.


Cheongnamdae, former presidential villa

At least 20 rounds of filming is expected to be done in Cheongju.

A Cheongju city representative said, “We hope that the filming of Healer will help to promote the beautiful attractions of Cheongju.”


Suam Alley

“Healer” is a romantic comedy starring Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young, and it is a 20-episode drama slated for broadcast from 8 December till 15 February.

Previous shows that were filmed in Cheongju include “The Legend”, “Cain and Abel”, “Baker King Kim Tak Goo”, “Glory Jane” etc.

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