[Musical/Notice] 3rd casting schedule for “The Days” musical + notice from Glorious

Musical “The Days” will be having a third round of ticket sales tomorrow, so the casting schedule has been released in advance today.

The new casting schedule is for the period between 2 Dec 2014 and 28 Dec 2014.

*The casting schedule for the ongoing and upcoming set of performances can be found here (Round 1: 21 Oct – 9 Nov) and here (Round 2: 11 Nov – 30 Nov). 


Ji Chang Wook’s performances are scheduled for:

3 December 2014 (Wed) , 3pm and 8pm
7 December 2014 (Sun), 2pm and 6pm
19 December 2014 (Fri), 8pm
27 December 2014 (Sat), 3pm and 7pm [SOLD OUT]
*Schedule is subjected to changes depending on circumstances.

The third round of ticket sales will commence tomorrow (4 November) at 10am KST via Interpark.



Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook’s agency, Glorious Entertainment, sends a word of caution to all musical attendees.

Hello, this is Glorious.

With the approach of winter, we would like to make a request.

Recently, we have a small concern regarding Ji Chang Wook’s musical performances. Actor Ji Chang Wook places importance on having natural communication with fans. Hence, in order to allow for interaction between Ji Chang Wook and fans, we make special effort not to impose restrictions on this. However, we have recently noticed that a small number of fans have shown excessive interest in Ji Chang Wook, which might pose a danger.

Although we are sincerely thankful that fans love Ji Chang Wook and show interest in him, we feel that this should not come at the expense of other people. This is especially so, as the musical is not a show meant for Ji Chang Wook alone. The show is put together by the joint effort of many actors and staff and is meant to be shared together with the sweat and passion of all of them, but the excessive behaviour of a small group of fans motivated by their love for Ji Chang Wook has affected the other actors and staff who are working with him on the musical. Of course, this has also affected third parties who were also at the performance venue.

We are sincerely thankful for the love you have for Ji Chang Wook. But we would like to make an earnest plea that you maintain order at the same time.

We will also work hard on our part. We sincerely plead that you avoid any behaviour that will affect Ji Chang Wook and everyone else at the performance venue. If the disorderliness continues, we will have no choice but to persuade Ji Chang Wook and prevent him from having face-to-face interaction with fans before and after the performances.

The staff of Glorious felt uneasy seeing the situation after yesterday’s performance.

We are very aware of everyone’s deep love for Ji Chang Wook, so we carefully posted this notice.

The temperature range this November is big. Please take care of your health!

Thank you.

Glorious was actually very polite in their phrasing of this announcement, so my apologies if it ended up sounding harsh in English. To add my two cent’s worth on this issue, it does not come as a surprise to me that the agency made such a notice. Ji Chang Wook has always been very gracious in meeting fans after his musical performances to say a few words and give out autographs, but after experiencing a surge in popularity since Empress Ki, he has been unable to do so because of the huge crowd of people waiting to meet him after each performance. These days, he can’t even make his way into his car without having to force his way through the crowd. The behaviour of some overly-excited fans yesterday caused unhappiness among many — the performance was interrupted by fans exclaiming or laughing at inappropriate moments, which distracted him when he was acting; phone alarm notifications could be heard during the performance, and some fans even tried to touch or push him after the show. (There were both Korean and foreign fans at yesterday’s performance)

For any of you who may be flying to Korea to watch his musical, please be mindful and observe proper theatre etiquette by not talking loudly during the performance, and please turn your phone to silent mode so as not to disturb other members of the audience or distract the actors. Also, do take note that no photography or videoing is allowed at the curtain call this year. If you intend to send him off after the show, be careful not to hurt the people around you. In any case, just be a careful and considerate fan girl, and enjoy the show! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “[Musical/Notice] 3rd casting schedule for “The Days” musical + notice from Glorious

  1. So you got met him several times! How lucky you are!! I don’t think I’ll have the occasion to meet him again because i don’t feel like going to fan meeting and fan sign. The musical was a good opportunity. I planed to go again in January but with the recent events i don’t think I’ll be able to meet him again.

  2. How wonderful! I also found him quite shy and unsure of what to say at our first meeting, but he warmed up quickly upon meeting again at later events. It is truly sad that a “few bad apples” had to spoil the experience for the rest of the fans who will now not get the chance to interact with him after the shows. *sigh*

  3. Yes I met him!!! He was so shy because he don’t know how to behave with foreigners. Even if i talked to him in Korean he didn’t know what to answer so he just stared at me with a big smile, said 아~ 네~ and shaked my hand. He is sooo cute ^^ and really handsome even naturally 😍.
    (I just saw that there is a lot of mistakes in my previous message… sorry…😔)

  4. I went to see the musical on Saturday 27th evening. Great show!! Yoo Joon Sang and Ji Chang Wool were very good and no nobody disturbed the show! During the thanks at the end of the show, Yoo Joon Sang even nicely thanks my friend and me, only foreigners in this audiences, for coming. I met Ji Chang Wook after the show he nicely offered me a hand shake with beautiful smile There was a lot of people waiting for the two actors, but nobody was aggressive.. They reached there car slowly but without difficulties. I was surprised to see then going out without any escort just there manager! I think it’ll be different now… too bad.

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