[Drama]”Healer” reveals first stills of main leads


The first stills of Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae and Park Min Young in “Healer” have been revealed.

The Mon-Tues KBS2 drama “Healer”, to be aired after “Tomorrow Cantibile”, has been nicknamed “homecoming clock (the name is a pun of the writer’s previous show Sandglass)” and tells the story of children of the era of “Sandglass”, writer Song Ji Nah’s previous drama which was loved by everyone in the country. “Healer” is an action-romance drama about youths who have lost faith in politics and societal justice and put up a fight with the ugly world left behind by their parents.

The combined best rating records of writer Song Ji Nah and director Lee Jung Seob add up to 115.3% (Sandglass 64.5%, Baker King Kim Tak Goo 50.8%). The meeting between these two who hold legendary record ratings is already attracting interest as to what kind of synergy they will create.

“Healer” started filming in Incheon on 1 October and is now filming in Seoul, Daejeon, Cheongju and other places. After concluding the second script reading in late September, the safe and solid script allowed the actors to focus on their characters and acting, and also served as encouragement to the production.

Ji Chang Wook is expected to grip the audience’s attention and show different kinds of action moves through his character with the code name “healer” who can perfectly accomplish any tasks assigned to him. In the revealed pictures is a scene of him running, rolling and fighting in a chase scene at an underground subway tunnel in Daejeon. In order to play his role as Healer where he will showcase dynamic action, he moves around energetically and filmed with passion, earning the admiration of the production team.

The production team said, “From the time the three leads were casted, they have been continuously analyzing and thinking about their roles, giving confidence to the production team. We believe that the variety of scenes, the solid storyline, and passionate acting of the cast will make this a drama that will move the audiences through all senses. We hope you will show lots of interest and anticipation for ‘Healer'”.


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  1. It’s an understatement to say that I am looking forward to watching this drama ! Thanks for the updating .

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