[Musical] Ji Chang Wook performs at “The Days” press call

Musical “The Days” held a press call at the Daehangno Musical Centre Grand Theatre this afternoon. Ji Chang Wook and the other cast members including Yoo Joon Sang, Lee Geon Myung, Choi Jae Woong, Kang Tae Eul, Oh Jong Hyuk, Kim Seung Dae, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Kim Ji Hyun and Shin Da Eun were present at the event, where a preview performance and press conference were held.

Ji Chang Wook performed two songs, namely:

“Tree” with Yoo Joon Sang,

…and “My Song”.

At the press conference, Ji Chang Wook was asked about the difference between dramas and musicals, to which he replied, “I get to sing in musicals whereas there’s no singing in dramas.”

“But they are very different. Dramas are good because I can show every detail in front of the camera. On stage, everything is done in one shot from start till finish, unlike dramas. There is such a difference,” he added.

“Another difference would be musicals are performed right in front of the audience. They may be very different, but both are difficult. Despite that, I am still enjoying them,” he said with satisfaction.

His co-star Lee Geon Myung added, “When I was watching the other actors perform as I sat among the audience, I thought the show was really beautiful. I feel happy being able to perform on stage with team members like Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Hyun.”

The musical “The Days” is a show based on the songs of the late Kim Gwang Seok. Using the presidential Blue House (Cheongwadae) as the setting, “The Days” is a story about Jung Hak, leader of the presidential bodyguards, who discovers traces of his fellow bodyguard Mu Yeong and an unknown woman who both disappeared 20 years ago, as he searches for the president’s daughter and her bodyguard who have similarly vanished.

“The Days” will be staged at the Daehangno Musical Centre Grand Theatre until 18 January next year.

This post is a summary of excerpts about Ji Chang Wook taken from various news articles.

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    • Fancams of the press call? Unfortunately, Ji Chang Wook’s fans seemed to have been caught off guard by this event, so there are no fancams focused on him, but there are some taken by Kyuhyun’s fans on youtube. There are also many videos of the event taken by the press.

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