[Drama] ‘Healer’ releases character stills of main cast

Just this morning and over the weekend, stills of the main leads and various characters for ‘Healer’ were released.

We now have a closer look of the various actors in their actual characters! I won’t be going into detail about the different characters since you should have read their character descriptions countless times in other articles by now.

First up, we have Ji Chang Wook as the “sexy”, mysterious errand boy Seo Jung Hu.

Park Min Young as the wacky reporter Chae Young Shin.

Yoo Ji Tae as star reporter Kim Moon Ho.


Plus, a slew of other side characters played by veteran actors. From left, we have Park Sang Won as Kim Moon Ho’s brother, Kim Moon Shik, who was one of the five friends who ran the pirate radio station and is now the head of a major media company. Oh Gwang Rok (middle) is also one of the five friends and he becomes Seo Jung Hu’s teacher. Park Sang Myeon (right) is Chae Young Shin’s foster father, Chae Chi Soo.

From left, we have Do Ji Won as Choi Myung Hee, Kim Moon Ho’s sister-in-law who is a paralytic. Kim Mi Kyung (middle) plays Jo Min Ja, a formidable hacker who is also Seo Jung Hu’s sidekick. Finally, we have Woo Hee Jin (right) as Kim Moon Ho’s ambitious colleague, Kang Min Jae.

The production team said, “Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young and Yoo Ji Tae are working hard in order to present a good drama. During the recent photo shoot for the character cuts, they showed a 100% understanding of their respective roles and portrayed the feel of their characters, putting the staff in awe. The passionate actors and staff have good teamwork and are continuing with filming. Please show lots of interest and support for ‘Healer'”.

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