[Drama] Ji Chang Wook works out for Healer

A picture of Ji Chang Wook on the set of Healer was released today.

In the released pictures, Ji Chang Wook is seen exercising with dumbbells and catching his breath while holding a racquet, even revealing his tough muscles, catching the attention of audiences.

He has been maintaining his fitness through private exercise recently to prepare for his role in ‘Healer’, and Ji Chang Wook was completely immersed in his role at the film set.

When the cameras stopped rolling, Ji Chang Wook exercised and analysed his script at the same time, showing his passion for acting as he focused on the scenario and feelings of the scene.

A spokesman said, “Ji Chang Wook is filming with lots of responsibility and anticipation on him to show a charming character that has never been shown before. Besides action and visuals, you can expect a growth of his acting to another level.”

To this, netizens said, “Ji Chang Wook is daebak”, “His body is daebak”, etc.

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