[Drama] KBS opens official site for “Healer”!


“Healer” finally has an official website! Woo hoo!

The site offers a lot of new information about the various characters, shedding more light on the story.





Drama introduction:

A man who turns his dream into reality VS
A woman who believes her dream will come true one day VS
A man whose dream is not to dream.

22nd-century style mysterious errand boy – “Seo Jung Hu”
Internet reporter who dreams of not having to listen to trashy news – “Chae Young Shin”
And a star reporter who has everything but carries a secret – “Kim Moon Ho”

These three get entangled and a passionate romance begins,
the truth of the past and the present will be revealed!

Falling in love and opening the eyes to society at the same time
A joyful and warm growing-up story about youths.



Character description:

Seo Jung Hu, 28 years old.
Code name: Healer

Equipped with wearable smart gadgets,
the best messenger in the industry who can accomplish any tasks with his beast-like instincts and fighting skills.
His ulitmate goal is to save money and buy a deserted island in the south Pacific Ocean to live there alone,
but he meets Young Shin and his life starts to get entangled.
He starts to take interest in the world that he previously had no concern for at all.
But the hidden truth of the past is revealed
and that love starts to get dangerous.


Lastly, a shot of Ji Chang Wook during the script reading session:


28 Nov update:
For some strange reason, KBS decided to close the site after opening it that night. Now they’ve reopened the site again, and we have a couple of new pictures! I do prefer this new set of pictures though.



Healer official site


*Due to changes made by KBS to the content on their site, character descriptions that I’ve previously translated will be put up again after I’ve made the changes accordingly. 

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  1. Healer is one of the best kdrama I have ever watched….From the beginning till the end of the story it’s DAEBAK!!!
    A big thank you to the whole production from the cast, director, writer and staff….. You may not achieved a very high ratings but the important thing is you delivered a great drama which people outside from Korea loved….

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