[Drama] Teaser #3 for “Healer”

Teaser #3 was just released by KBS, and it shows more of the storyline featuring all of our “Healer” main characters.  But we should thank our lucky stars to finally get a chance to see Seo Jung Hoo without his trademark shades and cover disguise… if only for a brief moment.  Hee!

Credit:  KBS2

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3 thoughts on “[Drama] Teaser #3 for “Healer”

  1. Thanks jichangwookkitchen, thanks Gabby because of you we know everything about JCW, please keep update we always waiting news about him.

  2. Another deabak teaser for Healer! Thank you JCW kitchen for always keeping us updated with the most recent news about JCW himself and his projects. Thanksss!!

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