[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Kim Mi Kyung make a unique team in “Healer”


Actors Ji Chang Wook and Kim Mi Kyung are expected to show unprecedented chemistry as partners in the upcoming drama “Healer”.

Ji Chang Wook and Kim Mi Kyung will be playing the industry’s best messenger team in the drama “Healer”.

In the pictures released by the production team, Ji Chang Wook can be seen moving about mysteriously to avoid making his presence known.


Kim Mi Kyung is also seen sporting messy hair with her horn rimmed glasses hanging on her nose and typing on the keyboard showing the uniqueness of her character.

Kim Mi Kyung plays the role of hacker Cho Min Ja who is able to easily infiltrate all networks in the country. In the photo, she is seen monitoring several places in the city through multiple computer screens. She reports the situation and even sends blueprints of the house that they are going to infiltrate, becoming the eyes and ears of Healer.


Although both of them are in the same team, they share a unique relationship as they have never met each other before. Ji Chang Wook operates by scaling walls and moving his way across rooftops in the real world, while Kim Mi Kyung assists him by working her way around in cyberspace through hacking.

The two of them show a unique teamwork by communicating solely through telephone or the internet, offering something different for audiences to watch. They are able to coordinate well with each other despite always bickering, and Ji Chang Wook who depends on her for quick information is expected to excite audiences with thrilling action.

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