[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Ji Tae display male chemistry of a different class in “Healer”


The countdown to actors Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Ji Tae’s unique charisma begins.

Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Ji Tae of KBS2 TV’s new Mon-Tues drama “Healer” have drawn heated anticipation with the release of the third teaser video, and are expected to show a male couple chemistry of a different class.

In the drama, Ji Chang Wook will be playing Seo Jung Hu, the best messenger codenamed Healer in the industry, and Yoo Ji Tae will be playing star reporter Kim Moon Ho who ranks among the top 1% in the industry. The news of the casting of Ji Chang Wook, who showed brilliant acting growth in his previous drama “Empress Ki”, and Yoo Ji Tae, who is making his return to the small screen after 6 years, drew attention.

The face-off between Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Ji Tae who share a close relationship in the drama will be a highlight of the drama that attracts viewers to watch it. The two actors who show different charisma and presence are expected to capture the attention of audiences.

In reality, Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Ji Tae show great chemistry even on the film set, and they are also garnering interest for being graduates of the same acting major in Dankook University. With this, audiences are now even more excited to see what kind of synergy they will display in the drama.

“Healer”  is slated to air after “Tomorrow Cantibile” on 8 December.


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