[Drama] Ji Chang Wook’s reason for choosing “Healer” as his next project?


What could be the reason why Ji Chang Wook chose “Healer” as his next project?

After gaining recognition for his acting skills as Emperor Ta Hwan in MBC’s “Empress Ki”, Ji Chang Wook who is walking on his path as an actor in his twenties is making a return through “Healer”.

The code name of his character Seo Jung Hu, who is the legendary Healer and a top-class night messenger, is an important keyword in the drama. His chic gaze and action scenes of him leaping across rooftops as seen in the teasers are drawing high anticipation and he is expected to show a new acting transformation that he has never shown in his previous works.

More importantly, Ji Chang Wook who has ascended to the ranks of reliable actors after “Empress Ki” is drawing great interest in his next project. Despite receiving many offers, Ji Chang Wook eventually chose “Healer” because of its interesting storyline that made him want to read the whole script once he sat down to read it, and an attractive character.

Ji Chang Wook said, “I will be able to show action scenes through an unusual job as a night messenger, and I was amazed by the writing ability of writer Song Ji Na. It was so interesting till the point that I immediately called to tell her that the script was very interesting once I saw it.”

“There are many action scenes and it is difficult to get used to using the wire in action scenes. Although there are many tiring scenes where I have to jump around rooftops the whole day, the difficulty makes me more ambitious and I find it enjoyable. I am looking forward to this because of the quality of the drama and also the fact that audiences will find this drama interesting due to the many different attractions the drama has to offer. I hope that ‘Healer’ will be able to offer healing (to audiences),” he added.

Even at the actual film site, Ji Chang Wook is continuously discussing with the director, writer and actors, showing his passion for acting. He, who said that the secret to acting is “to read the script over and over again”, is drawing attention for what kind of brilliance he will deliver through his amount and quality of hardwork put into this drama.


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