[Fan Project] Participate in Ji Chang Wook DC’s first Review Book!

Update: We are no longer accepting submissions. Thanks to all who participated!


Have you always wanted to do something for Ji Chang Wook? Or you have something to say to him? Then this is your chance!

Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery has been working on a “Review Book” for him since early this year. The project is now almost nearing completion, and we are pleased to announce that his Korean fans have kindly offered this opportunity for international fans to chip in. (For those of you who do not know yet, Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery is his Korean fan base on DC Inside forum, not affiliated to his official fan cafe.)

Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen will be helping to coordinate the international effort for this project. Read on to find out how you can take part!

What is this “Review Book” about?
This book is entirely produced by fans, and will contain fans’ opinions, ideas, artwork and messages for Ji Chang Wook to show our love and appreciation for him. The book will be in the form of a photo essay or magazine, and will be given to Ji Chang Wook himself.

The contents of the books are still being finalised, but you can expect to find the following content in the book:

  1. Drama/Character ReviewReviews of Ji Chang Wook’s various projects and roles, written by fans!
  2. Character AwardsA make-believe awards ceremony created by fans. Various characters played by Ji Chang Wook were nominated for several categories and awarded “prizes” by popular vote among fans. This activity was completed long ago and will not be open to international fans. [CLOSED]
  3. Best Scenes/LinesA selection of the most memorable scenes and lines from Ji Chang Wook’s various projects. [CLOSED]
  4. Fashion RunwayAn “analysis” of the fashion styles of Ji Chang Wook’s various drama characters. [CLOSED]
  5. Drawing ContestFans compete to see who can draw the most beautiful (or grotesque) drawing of Ji Chang Wook!
  6. Fan MessagesHeartfelt letters for Ji Chang Wook from fans. 
  7. Cooking ContestFans whip up the most delicious carrot dishes for Ji Chang Wook, who dislikes carrots.
  8. Cellphone ScreenshotsA collection of screen shots of fan’s mobile phones with Ji Chang Wook set as the wallpaper.
  9. Others

The book will also include original photographs of him taken by fans at various events. As the designing team is still working on the book, the above contents are only tentative and subject to changes. The book will likely be a soft-cover and fans will be allowed to purchase it. A special hardcover version will likely be given to Ji Chang Wook.

Who can participate in this fan project?
All international fans from any country are welcome to participate. As long as you love Ji Chang Wook!!

How can I contribute to this book?
International fans can contribute materials for any (or all) of the following segments. Just take your pick!

Fan Messages
Fans can write short messages which will be published in the book for Ji Chang Wook to read. This could be words of encouragement for his new drama, or a thank you note, or maybe you just want to say hello to him! There are, however, several guidelines to take note of:

  1. Keep it SHORT. Your message should be no longer than 100 characters, not counting the spaces in between words. (Note: 100 characters, not words!). We know that everyone probably has a lot to say to him, but messages have to be kept short due to lack of space in the book. You may use this tool to check the number of characters you have written in your message.
  2. Do not mention other celebrities. Mentions of TaNyang couple are not allowed also. Messages should be solely about Ji Chang Wook only. We know there are many TaNyang shippers out there, but this is not the place for your shipping fantasies!
  3. Your message can be in any language. We will not be helping to translate your messages to Korean. He probably can understand some simple English, and maybe a tiny bit of Mandarin. Although he may not understand everything, he will probably get an idea. And it’s the thought that counts!
  4. Please provide your name. It could be your real name or an online nickname, as long as you can be identified.

Cellphone Screenshots
Submit screenshots of the home screen and/or lock screen of your mobile phones. Your screenshots should ONLY include pictures/artwork of Ji Chang Wook. NO pictures of other celebrities are allowed (including TaNyang couple) due to copyright issues. Before you submit, you might want to make sure that your screenshots do not contain any sensitive or confidential personal information.


Drama/character reviews
Write an original review of any of Ji Chang Wook’s past projects that you have seen. The review could be about why you liked the show, or what you disliked in the show which could be improved on, or how you felt about his acting, etc.

  1. The review must be written in either simple English or Korean (so that he can understand what you are writing).
  2. Please keep to a length of 1-2 pages, A4 size.

Drawing Contest

Many of you have probably seen Ji Chang Wook’s various drawings, which could have impressed you or made you laugh uncontrollably. This time, it is your turn to show him how well you can draw! To make the “contest” a fair one, DC has chosen 5 pictures that you can choose to work on for your drawing (click on thumbnails to enlarge):

You could draw with a different backdrop, you can choose to draw using a software or stick to the traditional pencil, you can leave your drawing as black-and-white or add colour to it…It is up to you to exercise your creativity in drawing any of these pictures! Only one rule: Your drawing MUST be based on one of the photos above!

Cooking Contest

It is a widely known fact that Ji Chang Wook loves his food. But for some reason, he simply hates carrots. To help nurture his love for this awesome orange vegetable, fans can submit recipes for him to cook delicious meals using carrots.

  1. Your recipe can be any dish that includes carrot as an ingredient.
  2. Recipe should have very simple instructions.
  3. Please include at least 3-4 pictures.

Original fan-taken photographs

Fans who have taken pictures of Ji Chang Wook at his various events (e.g. fan sign, fan meeting, musical) are welcome to submit them for inclusion in the book.

  1. The photos should be taken by you, and not taken from the media or other people.
  2. Photos should be sufficiently large (preferably 720p) and clear enough so that they will look good when printed.
  3. Preferably without watermarks.
  4. Photos should be pictures of Ji Chang Wook. Please do not submit pictures of yourself!!

This is an example of the kind of fan-taken pictures that we are looking for. This is a photo of Ji Chang Wook that we took at his Taiwan fan meeting. This photo is just an example. Photos that you submit should be bigger and without a watermark.



If you are submitting multiple large files, you may send them as a .zip or .rar file. If the files are too big to be attached in the email, you may submit a link for us to download the photos from Dropbox/Google Drive/Baidu Pan or any similar file sharing site.

How can I submit these materials?

Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen will be helping Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery to coordinate the international effort for this project. If you would like to contribute to any of the three segments mentioned above, please do the following:

  1. Email your submissions to us at jcwkitchen@gmail.com by 15 December (Mon), 11:59pm KST
  2. Please indicate [JCW Review Book Submission] in your email subject header.
  3. It will be good if you tell us which of the above activities you are participating in.

You have two weeks to submit your materials. Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery needs time to complete the book design and they hope to deliver the book to Ji Chang Wook and his agency as soon as possible, which is why we can’t give you too much time.

Is this book available for purchase?
Fans will be allowed to purchase the Review Book. Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery is unable to provide a price yet as we do not know how many fans will be interested in buying it. The book will be cheaper if more copies are printed. However, do note that international fans will have to pay extra for shipping fees. The contents of the book will also be mostly in Korean, except for the above segments written by foreign fans.

Hence, we would like to find out how many fans will be interested in buying this book. Please kindly fill out this survey form: http://goo.gl/vuVfxL

NOTE: The production and sale of this review book is solely undertaken by Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery, and has nothing to do with Glorious Entertainment. Copyright permission has been sought from various companies, including Glorious, for the production of this book. Glorious Entertainment is fully aware of this fan project, but please do not send enquiries to them regarding this. This project is done solely in the interest of Ji Chang Wook and fans, and Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery has no intention to make any profits from the sale of this book.


We would like to thank Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery for opening up this fan project to international fans. This is a good chance to communicate your heartfelt thoughts to Ji Chang Wook, and also a chance to let him know just how popular he is overseas! So we hope that many of you will participate in this project. Feel free to spread the word around! If you wish to contribute, please send in your submissions to jcwkitchen@gmail.com by 15 December (Mon), 11:59pm!!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below this post and we will try our best to answer them.

Thank you!


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