[Drama] ‘Healer’ set to feature foreign artistes in OST

The ‘Healer’ OST is drawing high anticipation with the participation of international artistes.

The OST of ‘Healer’ is already drawing warm interest. Three teasers have been released since 11 November for 3 successive weeks, capturing audiences’ attention with exciting action and background music.

The ‘Healer’ OST, which is jointly produced by Kim Jong Hak Productions and Doremi Entertainment, will have Lee Pil Ho at the helm as the music director. He has previously worked on the OSTs of “Beethoven Virus,” “Fashion ’70s,” “Baker King Kim Tak Gu,” “King 2 Hearts” and “Jeong Do Jeon”, showing his flair for producing music that matches the show regardless of the show’s genre.

Music Director Lee Pil Ho who is able to capture the drama’s authenticity and music quality within the vocal tracks and music score, is putting in his utmost effort by working with international artistes in order to create a high-quality OST fitting for the highly-anticipated ‘Healer.’

In particular, the unprecedented participation of the Danish band, Michael Learns to Rock (“MLTR”), in a Korean drama OST is drawing attention. The collaboration with MLTR and the ‘Healer’ OST is expected to show something special that has never been shown before.

MLTR, who continue to show their potential even after debuting for 25 years, has appealed to the ears of Korean fans with their gentle and comfortable music with rock music as their basis. The song “That’s Why (You Go Away)” from their third album ‘Played On Pepper’ ranked first on the local radio charts for a long time, proving their popularity and their status as a leading group in the Korean pop world with their albums and songs.

The clear-ringing voice of American singer-songwriter Yael Mayer will also be featured on the ‘Healer’ OST.  Yael Meyer made a strong impression and became popular when her song was featured in the US drama “Drop Dead Diva.”

Music director Lee Pil Ho said, “From the synopsis stage, director Lee Jong Seob and I wanted to try out a different kind of musical style with local and foreign artistes and we gathered opinions about this. We wanted to create an OST that would match the international status of Korean dramas by roping in the best local ans foreign artistes.”

Meanwhile, KBS2TV’s new drama ‘Healer,’ starring Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae and Park Min Young is an action-romance featuring youths fighting for social justice against the politics their parents left behind.  The first broadcast is scheduled after “Tomorrow Cantabile” for 8 December.

Credit:  Naver News

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  1. Healer production is heating the viewers anticipation up with many promising things: awesome casts, refreshing story line, eye feasting actions, and hopefully top hit OST as well! 6 days more to D-day! So excited!

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