[Drama] Ji Chang Wook takes flight! Expect dynamic action


Ji Chang Wook unveils dynamic action in “Healer”.

Ji Chang Wook is expected to capture the eyes and ears of audiences in the upcoming drama “Healer” through dynamic action.

Ji Chang Wook will be playing the character Seo Jung Hu, who is known as the best messenger in the industry who goes by the codename “Healer”. Just like his character who possesses beast-like instincts and fighting skills, Ji Chang Wook will satisfy viewers with exciting and high-difficulty action.

As though proving this point, in the pictures released by the production team on 1 December, Ji Chang Wook is seen displaying his action skills not on the ground, but at a rather special place that becomes his stage. Dressed in black from head to toe, the “Healer” portrayed by Ji Chang Wook is seen jumping across rooftops and railings regardless of whether it is day or night, giving us a glimpse of the beauty of his exciting action performance.

Furthermore, Ji Chang Wook who has shown a growth in his acting skills in every show, is raising expectations among audiences as to what kind of hard work he has put into making a perfect transformation into the sexy messenger, and what kind of sexy and tough guy charm he will show in the drama.

Netizens, who saw Ji Chang Wook’s appearance as Healer who flies from the east to west in a flash, commented “Messenger Healer who is not on land,” “I feel excited just looking at the pictures,” “looking forward to Ji Chang Wook’s action,” “Healer is of a grand scale, it leaves me breathless,” “Healer daebak! Really looking forward to it,” “Really handsome” etc.




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