[Drama] Posters for “Healer” revealed


Two types of posters for “Healer” have been released.

Ji Chang Wook, who will be playing the industry’s best night messenger Healer Seo Jung Hu in the drama, emanates a strong energy through the poster.

In the first poster, Ji Chang Wook grabs attention with his dynamic movements, looking like he will emerge from the poster itself. Just like the professional who can accomplish any task with his beast-like instincts and fighting skills, Ji Chang Wook portrays the charm of “Healer” with his sharp gaze and relaxed smile.

Park Min Young’s and Yoo Ji Tae’s powerful visuals also attract attention. Park Min Young portrays the energetic internet reporter Chae Young Shin with her bright smile. Yoo Ji Tae perfectly expresses the charismatic appearance of star reporter Kim Moon Ho, who is the envy of all reporters, with his sharp gaze.


The second poster captures the action elements of Healer which uses the urban city as the backdrop. The satellite images and blueprints give an idea of the drama’s grand scale and the action of Ji Chang Wook’s messenger character who moves around secretly to accomplish his multi-million-dollar tasks. This also makes people look forward to the wonderful transformation of the three actors, including Park Min Young and Yoo Ji Tae, who possess different kinds of charm in their characters.

In particular, the caption “The wounded world that they inherit, will now begin to heal” encompasses the story of the children of the “Sandglass” generation and paints the wide story of “Healer” from the past to the present. It also conveys the message of the drama and stirs curiosity for the story about these characters that will be told in the future.


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