[Event] Ji Chang Wook draws lots for special fan event (updated w/video)

Earlier today, before the “Healer” press conference, Ji Chang Wook and the staff of Glorious Entertainment held a lottery event to draw lots for his upcoming special fan event “With The Free-Spirited Mu Yeong” that will be held on 27 December.

The lottery event was held in order to ensure fairness in the allocation of seats for the fan event, with Ji Chang Wook personally drawing the lots himself.

Our Actor practices to find the best way to draw the lots.

“So, I can simply do it this way!”

“Alright, let’s begin now! Why am I trembling~~”

“Handling the balls with care!”

Our Actor who is carefully picking each ball one by one.

The speed is steadily getting faster!

“The number must be carefully checked again!”

The lottery proceeded in this manner. As he was pressed for time due to the press conference, he took his leave after picking the seats for the second floor.

After that, the lottery event continued with the company chairman and the rest of the staff at Glorious. The company mascot Loli (the white dog) kept her place and diligently watched over the process.

In a previous notice, Glorious initially said they would release a video of the lottery, but due to the sheer size of the video file, this will be done later after the video has been edited.

[EDIT:  And here it is!]

What a busy day it has been for Ji Chang Wook (and us)!

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