[Drama] “Healer” episode text previews


Episode 20 (Finale)
10 February 2015, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 9.0% (nationwide)

“Goodbye Healer”
The Elder uses Young Shin’s and Moon Ho’s weaknesses and stubbornly makes his threats.
Jung Hu is fighting alone and senses his limits.
Min Ja gathers everyone at one place, while Moon Ho and Young Shin prepare for their interview to counter-attack.
The day before taking action, Jung Hu prepares a gift for Young Shin and makes his final decision for the sake of everyone.

Episode 19
9 February 2015, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 7.9% (nationwide)

“I’ll protect you”
The Elder wants to place Jung Hu in the palm of his hands like how he did to Moon Shik in the past,
but Jung Hu risks himself and leaves Young Shin to begin his fight against the Elder.
Moon Ho and Someday News do not give in to the threat and continue their report to expose the true face of the Elder.
But Min Ja, who had been helping Jung Hu, is trapped by the chase from the Elder’s investigation team…

Episode 18
3 February 2015, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 9.1% (nationwide)

“Just like the others”
With the help of Jun Seok’s cassette tape, the truth is told and the case gets cleared.
Jung Hu is now more determined to stay beside Chae Young Shin for the rest of his life.
In order to start an ordinary life, the first hurdle to get over is…  to greet his girlfriend’s father.
With the truth told, Moon Ho is attacked and ‘Someday News’ faces an external threat.

Episode 17
2 February 2015, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 8.5% (nationwide)

“Won’t you answer me?”
With no time to resolve Young Shin’s misunderstanding, Jung Hu continues investigating about his father.
The Elder’s special investigation team pursues Jung Hu in order to cover up the truth that he is chasing after.
In order to find the truth through her own means, Young Shin goes to look for Myung Hee, There, she ends up meeting Jung Hu.
Under Moon Ho’s direction, they start preparing for a surprise attack together…

Episode 16
27 January 2015, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 8.9% (nationwide)

“To you again”
Jung Hu starts to pursue his father’s case, and a team starts to take action upon the Elder’s orders.
Moon Shik plants the seed of suspicion in Young Shin, and Moon Ho is determined to reveal the truth to Young Shin before Moon Shik.

Young Shin gets a shock when she finds out the secret hidden by Moon Ho and Jung Hu.
In order to get closer to Young Shin again, Jung Hu stubbornly chases the truth of his father’s case but…
Episode 15
26 January 2015, 10.10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 8.7% (nationwide)

“I remember”
Jung Hu wants to be together with Young Shin as his true self.
Moon Ho tells Jung Hu, who came to look for him, about the methods their fathers used,
and Moon Ho, Jung Hu and Young Shin finally begin their counterattack as a team.
But Moon Shik, who received Moon Ho’s declaration of war against him, secretly makes his way nearer to Young Shin…
Episode 14
20 January 2015, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 9.7% (nationwide)
“It’s all right even if you cry”
Jung Hu who has confirmed Young Jae’s death loses all rationale and flies into a rage.
Moon Ho uses all his strength to stop Jung Hu saying that they will pay the price for it, but Jung Hu does not trust Moon Ho.
Jung Hu, who learns of his master’s last will, disappears/hides himself from the rest of the world.
An unknown person comes to look for Young Shin who has been anxiously searching for the vanished Jung Hu…
Episode 13
19 January 2015, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 10.3% (nationwide)
“I’m waiting”
Young Shin starts to get suspicious of Bong Su’s identity and looks for evidence of it.
Young Shin’s name stops an angry Jung Hu in his tracks.
Moon Ho tells Jung Hu about the opponent they have to fight against,
and Jung Hu decides to follow Moon Ho’s plan for now although he does not like the plan.
Moon Shik starts to cross the line in order to defend himself.

Episode 12
13 January 2015, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 9.1% (nationwide)

“I don’t know how to escape”
In order to find out the truth, Jung Hu went for a full-frontal confrontation, and learns of the shocking truth.
Jung Hu, who unleashed his anger on Moon Ho, tells Moon Ho not to interfere in their affairs and draws a line between them.
Young Shin offers dinner and a bed for Jung Hu who came to look for her in the middle of the night, and she feels a mess of emotions.
Moon Shik who was suspicious of Jung Hu’s identity, lays an inescapable trap to find out if Seo Jung Hu is indeed Healer…

Episode 11
12 January 2015, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 9.4% (nationwide) [1st in timeslot!]

“In the darkness”
Without even knowing that Moon Ho is suspicious of Park Bong Su, Jung Hu goes to look for Moon Ho dressed as Healer.
Moon Ho intends to make use of Jung Hu, and Jung Hu accepts his suggestion in order to clear the false charge on his father.
Meanwhile, Jung Hu receives the email sent by Young Shin.
Although Young Shin is aware that Healer is a murder suspect, she trusts him and goes to meet him…

Episode 10
6 January 2015, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 9.2% (nationwide)

“Can’t it be me?”
Moon Ho reveals the case of Kim Eui Chan via live broadcast online.
Jung Hu, who finally met up with his master, hears a clue from his master that might solve the secret of his past.
Jung Hu invites Young Shin to one of his secret hideout to spend time alone with her and tries to confess.
Jung Hu needs to keep his identity a secret, but ends up being careless because he wants to devote himself to Young Shin…

Episode 9
5 January 2015, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 8.2% (nationwide)

“I trust you”
Moon Ho is unable to trust Healer and brings Young Shin to his own house to protect her.
But Young Shin wishes to see Healer one more time.
Jung Hu can only exist as Bong Su next to Young Shin and starts to hate his predicament.
In order to protect Young Shin, Moon Ho makes plans for a victory and sends Young Shin and Jung Hu out to battle…

Episode 8
30 December 2014, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 8.6% (nationwide)

“Cannot be forgotten”
Young Shin finds out that Healer had been approaching her all because of the tasks that Moon Ho had given him, and she is shocked upon learning the truth.
Jung Hu is beside Young Shin but is at a loss as he has no way to resolve the misunderstanding.
Moon Shik is shaken upon confirming that Young Shin is actually Ji An.
Secretary Oh prepares a trap to deal with Young Shin.
Moon Ho and Jung Hu who learn about Young Shin’s danger run towards Young Shin in order to save her…

Episode 7
29 December 2014, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 7.8% (nationwide)

“We, under the sunset”
In order to turn Young Shin into a proper reporter, Moon Ho begins his one-on-one training, but Jung Hu is offended.
Moon Shik is suspicious of Young Shin’s identity and orders for a secret investigation.
Jung Hu who is busy with his double life, receives a new task from Moon Ho.
The task is to ensure Young Shin’s safety.
A message for Young Shin arrives. The sender is “Healer”.

Episode 6
23 December 2014, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 7.7% (nationwide)

Through Jung Hu’s swift reaction to circumstances, Young Shin who escaped from President Hwang’s house manages to obtain Detective Yoon’s investigation findings. Jung Hu succeeds in tempting Sang Soo (the leader of the Double S guards).
Moon Shik manipulates the media and portrays Joo Yeon Hee as a gold-digger. Young Shin, who cannot bear it any longer, makes a phone call to Moon Ho. That night, Jung Hu hears an unexpected confession from Young Shin…and He/It has come.

Episode 5
22 December 2014, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 8.8% (nationwide)

“Meaning of You”
With the appearance of Healer, Young Shin becomes the target of the Double S Guards. Min Ja warns Jung Hu not to start on anything.
Moon Ho hesitates about whether he should tell Myung Hee about Ji An, but ends up in a conflict with Moon Shik.
Young Shin goes to look for President Hwang in order to do a follow-up story about Joo Yeon Hee, bringing Jung Hu along with her.
But the Double S Guards have already been keeping watch there. Detective Yoon who was secretly trailing the Double S Guards is also there.

Episode 4
16 December 2014, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 7.4% (nationwide)

“Because I’m beside you”
Jung Hu continues working under disguise in order to use Young Shin as a bait.
Young Shin releases her article, causing displeasure among the upper ranks,
and Moon Ho senses the danger that is approaching Young Shin.
Jung Hu is placed in a position where he has to choose between Young Shin’s or his own safety…

Episode 3
15 December 2014, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 7.2% (nationwide)

“The first kiss that day”
Moon Ho is still troubled by the memory of that day that he cannot forget.
Young Shin, who learns that a big shot is behind Yeon Hee, is in a dilemma about whether she should write an article about it.
Jung Hu keeps an eye on Young Shin in order to catch the mastermind who framed him,
but he gets discovered by another person who has been secretly keeping watch on Young Shin — Moon Ho.

*Yeon Hee is the lady who tried to jump off the building in episode 2

Episode 2
9 December 2014, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 7.9% (nationwide)

“Fate continues”
Moon Ho hands a second assignment to Healer. The assignment is to find out everything about Chae Young Shin. While investigating Young Shin secretly, Jung Hu finds out a piece of Young Shin’s past. The body of the client whom Jung Hu met at the subway is found and Healer becomes a murder suspect. Min Ja warns Jung Hu to withdraw. However, Jung Hu discovers something interesting around Young Shin…

Episode 1
8 December 2014, 10pm KST, KBS2
Ratings: AGB Nielsen 7.8% (nationwide)

“I have a dream”
The legendary messenger “Healer” Seo Jung Hu is carrying out a new assignment today but gets embroiled in a battle with his rival. Star reporter Kim Moon Ho creates an accident during a live broadcast again. B-grade online entertainment reporter Young Shin is dreaming of getting an exclusive scoop again and chases after a star. The target of Seo Jung Hu’s next mission is none other than Chae Young Shin. The client is Kim Moon Ho.

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  1. i’m in just for JCW. YJT the other lead is a fantastic actor though. i’ve seen him in his other dramas before. he’s dependable as an actor. i think that the female lead PMY has always been overrated.i’ve seen her in dramas before,too. for Healer she even got an excellence award over her co-lead actors. i’m sure that i’m not the only one raising my brows abiut this. most of the time,popularity votes always get in the way of merits’vote! just look at all those idols who have turned actors getting all the recognitions at all award-giving bodies. lol
    anyway, about Healer the drama, yes, i’ve had enough of Eternal Love!! lol with 8 episodes more to go, i’m hoping to hear our healer lend his voice even just for one song. the drama itself isn’t that great but neither is it bad. it is still worth-watching up to this point. i want a faster pace though.
    ahh, but JCW is always a dream to watch! i’m content as a kitten just purring everytime i see him!!!! lol

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