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Having been so busy with the press conference updates the past week, we are barely trying to catch up with all the news. Several articles about Ji Chang Wook working behind-the-scenes in “Healer” were published just this morning and over the last couple of days. If you’ve been reading our news updates, you should have noticed by now that most Korean press releases often repeat the same thing (and written in a very advertorial kind of style that definitely won’t make it to the press in my country, urgh). Without further ado, this post is a summary of the main points of those articles. 

First up, we have pictures of Ji Chang Wook doing some tennis action for a scene in “Healer”.


In the pictures released on the 7th of December, Ji Chang Wook is seen exercising, showing off his tough body. He confidently displays his broad shoulders and flawless muscles, showing his sexiness. With one hand grabbing a racquet and with a look of concentration on his face, it makes us curious as to who his opponent could be.

In another picture, he faces the camera and makes a V sign with his fingers. He shows a charm different from that of a matured guy with his appearance that resembles a playful youth. But once filming resumes, he shows the professional side of him as he concentrates and acts seriously again as though he had always been this way.


The production team said, “Through ‘Healer’, viewers will be able to see the different charms of Ji Chang Wook that have never been seen before. After seeing the first episode, you will completely fall in love with the charm of Ji Chang Wook.”

Next up, we have the main casts studying hard on the set with their scripts at hand.

In the photo released on 5 December, Ji Chang Wook is seen reading the script while sitting on his bed in his hideout. Ji Chang Wook’s tough body can be seen through the white singlet he is wearing. Through the serious look in his eyes that are focused on the script, one can see how much effort Ji Chang Wook has put in for his character Seo Jung Hu.

Park Min Young is also seen concentrating on her script while filming outdoors. She dons thick padding due to the cold weather and does not give in to the cold, with the script never leaving her hands. One can see the amount of passion she has put into becoming internet reporter Chae Young Shin, and makes one curious about what kind of transformation she will show in her acting.

Lastly, Yoo Ji Tae shows overflowing charisma while studying the script. One can sense Yoo Ji Tae’s charisma as he reads the script during his break. Viewers are also looking forward to see what kind of appearance he will show in his return to the small screen after 6 years.

According to a representative of “Healer”, the script never leaves the hands of Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae and Park Min Young at the film set, and they show passionate acting in order to show perfect acting. The unlimited passion and hard work of the actors draw greater interest for “Healer”.

In the last piece of news, we see the two contrasting images of Ji Chang Wook that we can expect to see in “Healer”.

While Ji Chang Wook was previously seen showing strong charisma as the night messenger, he shows a clumsy appearance in this new photo released on 5th December.

In the drama, Ji Chang Wook is a messenger who will accomplish any assignment perfectly. In order to investigate Chae Young Shin secretly as part of his new assignment, he joins the same online news agency as her under the disguise as the newbie reporter Park Bong Su.

Ji Chang Wook shows a 180-degree change in the photo. Seo Jung Hu is a night messenger dressed in black who draws attention with his sharp gaze and powerful pose. No matter who he looks at, he seems to be able to make a sharp judgement of the situation, showing the professional look of the messenger “Healer”.

On the other hand, he is the total opposite showing the typical look of a newbie as reporter Park Bong Su with a beautiful coat and handsome appearance. One can sense his naivety from the way he looks at his senior Chae Young Shin with an innocent expression and with his hands placed together and holding a bag.

Ji Chang Wook is expected to capture the hearts of women with his differing charms as Healer and Bong Su. People are looking forward to seeing his perfect portrayal of Seo Jung Hu in his double life with his detailed acting focusing on his actions, expressions, gaze and even the way he speaks.

Netizens commented on the photo saying, “I look forward to Ji Chang Wook playing the double life”, “Healer is different in the day and at night”, “Working in disguise is interesting”, “Bong Su is cute and Jung Hu is handsome”, “When will he begin to work in disguise?”, “I’m looking forward to the premiere. Will watch the live broadcast”.

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