[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Lee Moon Shik’s action-packed meeting in the subway


Ji Chang Wook’s and Lee Moon Shik’s meeting in “Healer” is making people curious.

The stills released today shows one of the attractions of the first episode of “Healer” that will air tonight — the main scene of a grand action sequence that shows an episode that occurs while Healer Seo Jung Hu is on a mission.


While working on a new assignment, Healer Seo Jung Hu meets his rival, the Sang Su Gang, and gets embroiled in a fight with them. One can sense the excitement and tension of this scene by looking at the pictures alone.

The person whom Seo Jung Hu meets after receiving his new assignment is Go Sung Chul, played by Lee Moon Shik in a cameo appearance, who appears to be surprised and frightened after seeing something. This makes people curious as to what could have happened during their meeting.


A representative of “Healer” said, “During the filming, Ji Chang Wook’s realistic action and Lee Moon Shik’s passionate acting made this a scene that shows the fantastic chemistry between the two actors. Special effort was put into filming the subway action scene and we did our best to film it. As such, this drama is likely to be an interesting one that will satisfy viewers.”

“Healer” will air its first episode at 10pm KST tonight.

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