[Drama] Ji Chang Wook makes 3 transformations in “Healer”

Ji Chang Wook shows his diverse charms through three transformations.

In the released stills, Ji Chang Wook is dressed in comfortable attire, looking not at all like the professional messenger who possesses excellent abilities. One can sense the human side of him as he sits at home with disheveled hair and inner clothes hanging off his body, and also looking like he doesn’t care about anything.

On the other hand, he looks entirely different starting from his gaze to his jogging attire and equipped with wearable smart gadgets. Looking like he’s carrying out a mission, he shows sexiness through his sharp gaze.

Lastly, he is stripped of the black outfit he always wears, but captures attention with his appearance where he wears a bushy wig and huge glasses. This makes us curious as to what kind of mission he was carrying out that made him transform into an unfashionable university student, and what did he see that gave him a surprised expression on his face.

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